Get started using Sumdog for home learning

We’ve put together a few simple ideas to get you started with using Sumdog for home learning.

Tip 1 - Set focused practice

You can easily differentiate math practice for groups or individuals to play in games.

For spelling, type in the spelling pattern and choose the words you want them to practice.

Set practice

Tip 2 - Play with your students

Click 'Play Now' and join the fun.

Create some friendly competition. Tell your students the time you are logging on and which multiplayer game you are about to play. Gift an item from the store to students to encourage more practice.

Play now

Tip 3 - Check knowledge

Create some fun math and spelling quizzes for your students to revise skills outside of games.

Use these to help you plan extra practice or individuals, or next steps for the class.

Create quiz

Tip 4 - Reward effort

Log into your account and check the learning time report or accuracy leaderboard.

Send your students certificates to reward their effort.

Check learning

Downloadable Checklist

Download this checklist to share with colleagues

Download Checklist

Join a webinar

To ensure you are confident using Sumdog for home learning, and navigating all the teacher tools, we are running free 15 minute webinars daily. Let our experts show you around.


Contact our support team

Our support team will be able to help you set up accounts, add classes and answer any questions you may have.