Resources for home learning

We have a number of resources to help with using Sumdog for home learning. Choose from the list below to jump to the relevant section:

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Start-up guides

Our helpful guides and tips will help you get set up on and start you on your Sumdog journey.

Follow our simple steps to help you get started on your Sumdog journey. Learn how to create a teacher account and add students to your class.

Discover how Sumdog can be used for home learning practice. We will show you how to set personalized practice that your students will love.

Are you curious about what your students see when they log into Sumdog? Find out about the rewards and how students access the tasks you set.


Watch our ‘How to’ videos and read our top tips on how to set math practice for home learning.

Setting any practice for your class, you can easily differentiate practice for groups or individuals. Find watch our short video tutorial to show you how you can personalize the learning.

Find out how to quickly set focused practice on multiplication tables with Sumdog. Perfect for  building multiplication fluency.

Math quizzes are a great way to informally check in on the learning at home. With even more coins available, students are going to love to be able to show you what they know.


Discover the world of Sumdog spelling and learn how to create spelling practice that your students will love.

Sumdog Spelling helps struggling learners improve their literacy proficiency by engaging them and inspiring them to practise with online gamified learning and real voices.

Just starting out with Sumdog Spelling? Download our checklist to walk you through the first couple of weeks practising with your class.

Quickly and easily provide personalised practice for each of your students. Let Sumdog choose words, or create your own custom word lists in just a few clicks.


We are here to help you with getting the message to parents.

Send the parents the links to our parent pages or download the information and email it to them.

Understand a little more about how Sumdog works, and how your child’s school may be using it to continue their education during a closure.

To encourage extra practice, we have created a parent-version of the study for you to share. It explains the results of the study and how parents and carers can support children’s learning at home.

Sumdog can be accessed on lots of devices. Find out which devices and browsers to use and how to access it on tablets and mobile phones.


Certificates, charts & rewards



To ensure you are confident using Sumdog for home learning, and navigating all the teacher tools, we are running free 15 minute webinars daily. Let our experts show you around.


Contact support

Our support team will be able to help you set up accounts, add classes and answer any questions you may have.