Make times tables fun

Sumdog provides an ideal way for students to practice their multiplication tables in a fun environment. Our interactive games aid times tables mastery by making practice enjoyable.

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Three ways to make multiplication tables fun, using Sumdog assessments for multiplication tables tests, and reports to check their fact fluency.

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Engage and Reward

Students can practise their tables in any of our highly engaging games, where they will be rewarded for their accuracy. Because they will be having fun, it won’t feel like extra testing.

Target the tables

Use Sumdog specifically for tables by setting them as class practice or homework. With a subscription you can set challenges and competitions.

Check their learning

With a subscription, you can set assessments to give your students an on-screen test outside of the game environment. See results straight away and identify those needing additional support.

Sumdog for tables practice and testing





Students focus their practice on multiplication tables inside Sumdog’s engaging activities – so it doesn’t feel like a test.

Option 1 – restrict activities

Focus on tables for one hour

Option 2 – pupils choose

Great for older students

Option 3 – challenges and competitions

Set tables skills to earn extra coins, in class or as homework


Check your students’ knowledge and get instant results with no marking.

Option 4 – assessments

On-screen testing outside the game environment


Target your teaching by identifying which tables each student has mastered, and create teaching groups accordingly.

Fact Families Report

Check each student’s fluency

Skills Status Report

Group students by ability and target your interventions

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