How to use Sumdog for Interventions that stick

When students have gaps in their knowledge, particularly of foundational skills, they risk falling further behind and struggling to meet grade-level goals.

Your students love using Sumdog, and you can harness that engagement to make your interventions even more effective!

Sumdog can be used to find gaps, deliver interventions and also measure their impact.


  1. Identify the gaps – create a baseline assessment
  2. Fill the gaps – set a challenge to practice the learning
  3. Show progress and identify next steps – repeat the assessment


These steps require a Sumdog subscription.

Identify the gaps

Use Sumdog’s assessments tool to identify where the gaps are.

Select a topic then choose a skill to focus on. The assessment can also be used to measure the impact of the intervention.

We’ll give you the results in real-time, saving you marking time!

Fill the gaps

Set a challenge or a few mini-challenges throughout your intervention to give your students practice.

They can also do these at home, as a quick and easy way to set some focused homework!

Find out more about how simple it is to set personalized practice in under a minute.

Show progress and identify next steps

Repeat the assessment at the end of the intervention. This gives students the same questions they answered at the start.

After your students have completed the second assessment you can identify the progress they have made and where they still need practice.



Top tips:

  • Assess one skill at a time – keep the focus on a specific skill
  • Print out or download the results to keep the evidence to share with colleagues/parents
  • Set practice on the skill after you have finished the intervention to keep on top of that skill

Download these tips

Download and print our tip sheet to refer back to later.



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