Teaching with Sumdog

Sumdog offers practice, progress monitoring and intervention tools for .Grades K‐8 in Math and Grades 2‐5 in ELA, aligned to Common Core Standards and key state standards.

Sumdog’s learning engine adapts to each child. As students work, it adapts questions to each individual, progressing them through the standards. By using a highly engaging games environment and tailoring learning to each individual student’s ability, even the most disenchanted children start to enjoy learning again.

As Sumdog works across devices, students can practice anytime, anywhere, and teachers and parents can track progress in real time, providing targeted intervention where required. Every student has personalized goals and objectives.

Mastery learning

Sumdog is built on the principles of mastery learning. Each student is put on their own personalized learning path, and Sumdog will lead them through the standards at the pace that is right for them. A student needs to achieve a rolling accuracy of 80% before they are moved on to the next skill.

Sumdog will continue to present revision skills from time to time, to ensure essential foundation skills and key concepts are reinforced.

Blended learning

Sumdog fits with a blended learning strategy and is ideal to use in your rotations.

Because Sumdog is aligned to your standards, you can be sure your students are progressing through the right skills in the right order.

The standards in Sumdog have been compiled with the help of hundreds of teachers to match the order in which skills are most commonly taught, however you can amend this to suit your own teaching plan.

To help reinforce their learning, at the end of each game students see which questions they got wrong, their corrections, and links to Khan Academy tutorials to give them a refresher.

This means you can use Sumdog in your rotations knowing that your students are working on the right skills, and getting help where they need it.

Try this:

  1. Have a look at the skill a pupil is currently working on and ask them what strategies they are using to answer those questions;
  2. If your pupils have targets, they can use ‘Choose skills’ on their dashboard to choose to work on that skill;
  3. Ask your pupils to note down the corrections and go and choose that skill to work on in ‘Choose skills’ on their dashboard;
  4. Go back and look at their hard skills and set a challenge* for them to see how they are getting on with that skill;
  5. Use Sumdog as part of consolidating a skill that you have taught that week. So if you are teaching groups, have a group working with concrete material and another group working on a competition* on Sumdog.

*subscription required

Differentiated practice

Each student works at their own level and pace on Sumdog, thanks to our sophisticated learning engine. Sumdog gets to know each student during their initial diagnostic test, which places them and works out which skills they need to focus on. It then leads each student through your standards, moving them on to new skills when they are ready.

This means all your students can be working on Sumdog at the same time, but each focusing on their own skills. Each student’s skill assignment is individualized, and differentiated from their classmates.

With a subscription, you can differentiate practice and set performance goals using challenges and competitions. Students can either work on personalized skills, or all work on the same skill. These can be used for classwork, for guided centres or for homework. This focuses students on particular areas and can also be used for consolidation of skills that you have taught in previous weeks or last year. Once complete, Sumdog automatically shifts the student to work on adaptive training based on their individual learning path.

Try this:

  1. Set a challenge* on a skill that they learnt last year to consolidate the learning before moving on to more advanced skills;
  2. Create an assessment* as part of homework to check on their understanding of a skill. Give the students skills they have been working on for that week. Then use this to feedback into your planning;
  3. Coming up to testing, set a challenge* for the skills the students find tricky. As this will be different for all students, you can set up a personal challenge for each student to work on.

*subscription required

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