The Diagnostic Test

The first time a student uses Sumdog they will take a diagnostic test.

This is a placement test which will determine their level against the standards by asking them a range of multiple choice questions while playing Sumdog’s games.

This takes place in a fun environment so it won’t feel like a test, but it helps to encourage students to try their best in order to get an accurate placement.

See our guide on running the diagnostic test for accurate results.


How it works:

  • The test will run automatically the first time each student logs in.
  • They don’t have to complete it all in one session
  • To take the diagnostic test the students will need to be in training mode – they will be in training mode by default when they first log on.

Diagnostic FAQs

  • How do my students take the test?
    During the diagnostic test, games will run as normal. They simply need to play.
  • Do I need to set it?
    No, it will run automatically when they start choosing games.
  • How does Sumdog choose questions during the diagnostic test?
    Students will start the diagnostic test a few levels below their current year or level. This is done so that students will not be discouraged.
  • How many questions will it take?
    Up to 200 questions depending on their answers, accuracy and level. It’s likely that lower year or levels will be asked fewer questions.
  • What happens when it ends?
    Once they have completed the diagnostic test, students will be given a level and a focus skill. Now when they start playing the games they will be asked questions according to their ability level.
  • How will the student know when it ends?
    Students will be rewarded with their first virtual pet upon completing the diagnostic test. You can check the diagnostic test results. If the diagnostic test is still running it will say ‘in progress’.
  • Can I reset it?
    Yes. See below to find out how.

What do the results mean and how can I re-run it?

  • To view data, click on ‘reports’ at the top of your dashboard and choose ‘diagnostic results’.
  • See the results of every student in your class at a glance and the date completed.
  • To view a different class, use the drop-down menu at the top left.
  • The results correspond to how far through a year or level they were placed. For example, a result of 1.85 means they are placed around 85% of the way through year or level 1.
  • Should you want to re-run the diagnostic test, tick the student’s name. To re-run for the whole class, click ‘select all’ at the top. Click ‘re-run diagnostic test’ at the bottom right corner.
  • See a breakdown of each student’s results by clicking on their name.

Accurate results allow each student to begin working through their own personalized learning plan on Sumdog, mastering skills at the right level and pace for them.

Get our guide to getting an accurate placement result.

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