Closing the achievement gap

At Sumdog, our aim is to close the achievement gap, by giving teachers tools to help every student reach their full potential.

Sumdog aims to engage all students – not just those who are already achieving.

Title I school?

Designed to give all teachers and students the tools to succeed, Sumdog is a great solution for your Title I funding.


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* K-8 Math (per class, per year)

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How to use Sumdog to help close the achievement gap

Sumdog is built on a rigorous standards-aligned architecture that will fit right in with your teaching plan.

It’s designed to be uniquely engaging, and appeal to different learning styles, with the aim of motivating all types of student.

Sumdog is built on the principles of mastery learning, and allows each student to work at their own level and pace so that they don’t get left behind.

Our advanced reporting and teaching tools help teachers target their interventions where they’re needed most, so they can be their most efficient and effective.

Read our free Title I guide

Want to learn more, or need buy-in from colleagues or your principal? Download our guide to using Sumdog with Title I funding.

Engage all students

Even low achievers

We’ve designed Sumdog to encourage all types of learner to practice.

Target interventions

Advanced teacher tools

Be even more effective: apply your teaching where it’s needed most.


Relevant and targeted

Ensure your students are on track and meeting standards requirements.

Assess readiness

Prepare for tests

Boost results and reduce test anxiety as students practice in a familiar and fun environment.

Extend learning

Home or school

Set homework your students enjoy, and let Sumdog mark it for you.

Engage parents

Anytime, anyplace learning

We’ve got free apps for iPad and Android, and students can log in at home or school.

I started using Sumdog mid-year and have seen tremendous growth.

Our average in the year is .4 points a week in math. When I added Sumdog our growth doubled to 1 a week.

D. Hendershot, West Elementary, KS, USA