Invest your Title I funding in Sumdog

Inspire all your students to meet state academic achievement standards with personalized practice.


Target your interventions to help children most at risk of failing
  • Identify where to focus with advanced reporting and teacher tools.
  • Boost confidence by letting students work at their own level and pace.
  • Improve achievement for all students, particularly the lowest-achieving ones.
Prepare for standardized testing without adding to your workload
  • Boost results and reduce test anxiety as students practice in a familiar and fun environment.
  • Fit practice into your teaching plan with standards-aligned architecture, using the principles of mastery learning.
Engage every student – including the low achievers
  • Appeal to different learning styles with 27 games to choose from and read-aloud functionality.
  • Motivate practice with a game-based rewards system.
  • Set homework your students enjoy with free apps for Apple and Android.

Are you a Title I school?

Sumdog can be purchased at a class, grade or schoolwide level.


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* K-8 Math (per class, per year)

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D. Hendershot, West Elementary, KS, USA

I started using Sumdog mid-year and have seen tremendous growth.

Our average in the year is .4 points a week in math. When I added Sumdog our growth doubled to 1 a week.

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Help all your students prepare for tests in a fun environment, and inspire them to reach state academic standards.

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