Sumdog is built on an extensive framework of skills and steps.

These are aligned to the Common Core and key state standards.

Personalized Mastery

All students learn at their own pace, and the demands of the standards often mean that it can be difficult to ensure mastery for a whole class.

Sumdog’s learning engine is designed to help close the achievement gap. By assessing each student’s ability, we tailor their learning accordingly. Students are able to focus on the skills they have not yet mastered, without the need for the whole class to be working on the same thing at once.

While Sumdog guides students automatically, it also provides real-time reporting for the teacher so they can identify additional support needs, understand each student’s level, and monitor individual improvement over time.

Sumdog’s adaptive learning engine enables excelling students to advance at their own rate, while those with additional needs can spend time mastering skills they are struggling with.

Sumdog uses a blend of learning styles, so every child will find something that engages them.

Acceleration and Remediation

Sumdog covers the standards from Grades K-8, and each student works at their own level, which doesn’t have to be restricted by their year. Gifted students can work several levels above their year, while those with additional needs can take their time.

What Sumdog covers

Depending on your subscription, you’ll be able to access these areas:


Deep standards coverage of  math skills for children aged 5-14.


Standards-aligned targeted spelling practice for ages 6-11.


Questions to help develop grammar, vocabulary and punctuation.

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