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Back to School Part 2 – get going with Sumdog

Posted on 8th August 2018 by admin

lets go 2

The new year has begun, and you should now have your Sumdog account ready to go.

Once you’re set up, it’s time for your students to start their practice on Sumdog, and for you to track their progress.

1.  Get warmed up

We’ve introduced a new Warm Up game! At the start of a session each student will answer a series of quick fire revision questions. This will happen automatically when the student logs in, and is a great way to get them warmed up and focused while boosting their fluency.


2.  Check diagnostic test results

If your students are using Sumdog for the first time, the first few games will make up a diagnostic test to place them at the right level against the curriculum/standards, and give them a skill to focus on. This can last up to 200 questions but is usually shorter.

To see each student’s diagnostic test result and focus skill, just click their name on your dashboard, or see the whole class be going to ‘Reports’ and ‘Diagnostic tests’.

If your students have used Sumdog before, you may wish to reset their diagnostic test to reassess their level for the start of the year. This will give you a baseline for each student to see how they progress over the course of the year.

Find out more about this here.


3. Track live activity

You can track your students’ effort and progress from your dashboard. Just log in and your main screen will show you how many questions your students have answered today.

Click ‘customise’ to change this to accuracy, number of correct answers or time spent.

Click ‘full screen’ and project it onto your white board to help keep your students motivated during the session!


4. Play along

Don’t forget you can always join in the fun and play along with your students. Just click the ‘play’ button on your dashboard.

Your students will love trying to beat you, and because every child works at their own level, they just might!


5. Enter our free contests!

Sumdog’s free mathematics contests are a great way to motivate your class as they compete against other classes either locally or nationwide. Every student works at their own level, and class scores are based on accuracy, so every class has a fair chance of winning.

We run a number of contests through the school year. To find and enter your contests, just go to ‘Set work’ and choose ‘Contests’.


Want a printable version of these tips? Download our handy tip sheet.

US version

UK Version

Head to our back to school page for more useful tips and features to make this a great school year!