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Celebrating Sumdog’s Maths Week Scotland Contest Winners 2019

Posted on 17th January 2020 by admin

Tuesday 7th January marked a very exciting day as we welcomed the Maths Week Scotland 2019 Sumdog contest winners and Deputy First Minister John Swinney to our Sumdog HQ for an afternoon of fun, learning and celebrations.

P6 at Troon Primary School topped the leaderboard of 6,400 Scottish classes after answering an impressive average of 937/1000 correct maths questions. The class, clearly a group of budding entrepreneurs, even managed to raise the money for their coach trip to the office themselves, after taking part in Virgin Money’s ‘Make £5 Grow’ enterprise programme. 

“Our day at Sumdog HQ gave the children an opportunity to see games development and a business in action, and widened their understanding of the variety of jobs in this sector. Sumdog helps us in the classroom by allowing us to tailor skills to individuals”

Helen Matthews, Troon Primary P6 class teacher

Ed York, P7 pupil at the High School of Dundee, who came first place in the contest also joined us to celebrate his incredible achievement. Ed answered an amazing 1,000 questions correctly during the contest, marking the third time he has come first place in a Sumdog contest with 100%!

We had such a great activity filled afternoon hosting the pupils and showing them the work that goes on at Sumdog.

After the prize giving, Troon pupils shared their blog entries with us about what they got up to and their thoughts of the day, so we thought we would let them tell you in their own words…

Rebecca: I had a great time on Tuesday because guess what…… I went to Sumdog headquarters!!!!!!!!!!!

Me and my class won a Sumdog Maths Week Scotland competition and our prize was going to Sumdog HQ!! Our score was 937 and we were there with a boy called Ed who got 1,000 out of 1,000! He was very smart. After we were greeted by Andrew, we were split into 3 different groups. I was in a group with my friend Larren and my friend Rachel.

The first activity I did was with a lady who was asking us questions. She asked us what our key to success was and what would we do to improve Sumdog. I thought you should give people motivation by giving them coins every 50 questions.

The next task was about coding and we had to guide Sumdog through the maze. The final activity was designing our dream house and that was my favourite.

Then we met the Deputy First Minister John Swinney and he presented us with our certificates and a trophy.

I really enjoyed going to Sumdog HQ and I recommend trying to win next year for it was a wonderful experience.

Cameron: The Sumdog HQ trip was crazy good. It was a two hour trip but it was great.

We got to make a new house and Sumdog might even add it to the game. We also got to go into the meeting room and talk about the stuff that we loved most about Sumdog, what we wanted to be added to the game and what we liked about the Sumdog competition.

We also looked on every single computer screen and some people were playing or resting the games and others were putting in codes for the games. At the end we got to eat Domino’s pizza!

Jessica: Yesterday Sumdog Headquarters was so much fun! 

The way there wasn’t boring at all as I was reading a book, talking to partner and drawing stuff in my notepad. It was the experience of a lifetime.

I loved doing the maze and winning 50 Sumdog coins and looking at the coding. Oh I loved designing our dream Sumdog houses! I also enjoyed giving them new ideas for competitions and updates in the boardroom and I felt like I was in a real meeting, it was so cool. 

I still can’t believe I met one of the founders of Sumdog and the CEO! We were so lucky to go there. My time there was one of the best times of my life.

Oh and my family were so proud of me that I got a certificate. Oh and when my name was called out to go up and collect my certificate and shake John Swinney’s hand and to get my picture taken with him my heart was absolutely pounding! 

It was an amazing time and I’m glad we went.

Valentino: On Tuesday the seventh we went to Sumdog HQ.

We won a trip to Sumdog HQ by winning the Scotland Maths week contest. We got there by bus, it was a very long journey, 2 hours.

When we arrived we were very excited. When we went in it was EPIC. First of all, we met a nice lady called Kirsty who welcomed us with a talk. Then a person called Andy who is CEO told us all about Sumdog.

Then we got split into 3 groups and got to do so many fun tasks like design your own house, get Sumdog through the maze and loads more. Then we got John Swinney to present the awards… let’s just say it was the best experience ever. Then we had Domino’s pizza with loads of sweet treats, we also had fizzy juice and they all tasted amazing.

A huge congratulations again to all classes who took part in the contest and a big thank you to the wonderful pupils and guests who came to visit us in the office.

“The annual Sumdog contest is a central feature of Maths Week Scotland and it is fantastic to meet the pupils that excelled this year and recognise their achievements. My congratulations to the winning class and their teacher for coming top of a highly competitive field.”

John Swinney, Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Education

Remember, you can enter your class into our regional contests that run throughout the year. Simply click here to find out when your next local contest is taking place.