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Coming soon – New Kid’s Dashboard

Posted on 9th December 2019 by admin

We’re improving your students’ Sumdog experience with a brand new dashboard!

We’ve designed this to be easy to use for all students, and have tested it with kids of a range of ages to make sure it works for them, but we know that any changes will likely lead to questions in the short term, so we want to give you a heads up.

When is it changing

We will be making this change in the new year, but we want you to be prepared in order to minimise surprises.

What we’re changing

Students will see a brand new dashboard when they log into their Sumdog account.

The new dashboard will give your students a better understanding of what they are working on, and the progress they are making.

When your students log in they will be taken to a page that instantly shows what they are working on. If you have set them a task such as a challenge or an assessment, it’s easy for you to direct them to it. If you haven’t set them any tasks, they will see the skill they are focusing on.

We’ll show the highest priority work on the home screen, so if you’ve set them a task and it’s active, it will be the first thing they see.

They can now also clearly see their learning time this week and their progress towards their 20-minute coin chest reward!

Navigating the dashboard

At the top they will see how many coins they have earned, and how close they are towards achieving their weekly 20-minute target.

Clicking on their name will give them access to their house, pet and avatar, and show their current animal rank.

The centre of the screen will show what they are working on. The ‘Tasks’ button allows them to choose from any tasks that you have set for them, such as tables practice, challenges or assessments.

The ‘Progress’ button shows skills and activities completed, and their position in contests.

To start playing, they just press the big green start button.

Questions you might get from your pupils:

How do I play now?

Press the big green ‘Start’ button to go to the game chooser

Where has my pet gone?

You can see and play with your pet by clicking on your name, then click ‘Pet’. You will see your pet and avatar in your house.

Does this mean the house is always open now?

No. Although you can get into your house to see your pet and your avatar at any time, you won’t be able to decorate your house, buy clothes for your avatar or send gifts to your friends unless your teacher has opened the house, or outside of school hours. This ensures your students are focusing on educational content while in school.

How do I get in the house?

Click on your name and then click ‘House’.