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Multiplication Tables – an essential foundation

Back in April we asked you how important multiplication tables practice was in your teaching, and the results were resounding.

In short: very.

There’s no denying that tables are an important keystone to maths. And while there may be much debate about the importance of memorising multiplication tables, many governments around the world have made this an essential part of their curricula.

Building foundations

We believe that every child should feel that they can do maths, and that there is no such thing as a “maths gene” that some children just don’t have.

Confidence with maths can play an important part in boosting attainment and we want to boost confidence in every child. With maths anxiety being increasingly recognised as a serious issue holding many children back, this has never felt more important. Times tables can be a great area for engendering that maths confidence. Tables fact fluency will help with so many concepts, and will also give children a sense of achievement when they know them.

Struggling with multiplication tables will mean that working with fractions will be hard, and, later on, things like algebra will seem an insurmountable wall. But a grasp of the tables will at least help children feel like they are capable of some maths, giving them not only a foundation of maths but a foundation of confidence to build on.

We’re here to help

However you prefer to teach both the conceptual and factual elements of the times tables, we’re here to help with their multiplication tables fluency practice.

We’re introducing some new tools, free to all Sumdog users, to add to your teaching arsenal.

First up is our new, super quick to set, multiplication tables challenges! Find out more about it here.