Personalised maths and spelling practice perfect for home learning

Sumdog is an online maths and spelling practice tool aligned to all major curricula for ages 5 – 14 that can be used wherever your child is learning from.

You can use Sumdog to:

  • Reinforce key maths and literacy skills
  • Engage and motivate your children through gamified activities
  • Stay connected with peers in multiplayer games

What is Sumdog?

Sumdog provides online maths and spelling practice that children love. Aligned to all major curricula for ages 5 – 14, it adapts questions to match your child’s ability and uses engaging games to build confidence and make learning enjoyable. It’s available on desktop and as an app for Android or iPhone. Your child can practice anytime, anywhere.

Get 6 maths games for free or get more games, more subjects, more reports and more rewards with family subscription.

Makes learning fun!

Sumdog helps children to practise regularly. Combining fun games and achievements with curriculum-aligned questions, they won’t even realise they’re learning!

Rewards effort and achievement

For every correct answer, children are rewarded with coins to spend on their avatar or Sumdog house. And every time a child masters a new skill, their pet learns a new trick.

Adapts to your child

Sumdog gets to know your child’s ability with an initial diagnostic and takes them through the curriculum one skill at a time. You don’t need to set their level or adjust any settings – we’ve got it all covered.

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