How Sumdog supports blended learning

Sumdog is here to support schools, pupils, and parents to deliver blended learning this academic year.

As a social business with a mission to help close the attainment gap, Sumdog is committed to supporting schools, pupils, and parents to continue high-quality teaching and learning, whether children are in the classroom or at home.

What is blended learning?

Blended learning combines traditional classroom teaching with learning at home.

For example, pupils may be taught in-person 2 days a week and learn from home for the other 3 days. Online education and digital learning tools, such as Sumdog, can help ensure educational continuity by using a virtual learning environment.

Six ways Sumdog can be used for blended learning

1. Easy access from wherever children are learning

We know that access to devices and the internet can be a barrier to learning. With Sumdog, children don’t need their own computer to play, they can download the free app and play from a smartphone or tablet.

They also don’t need access for hours at a time. Just 10 minutes a day on Mum or Dad’s (or Granny or Grandad’s!) phones will keep them practising key skills and consolidating knowledge.

2. Practise the fundamentals

To help pupils get back on track after many months away from school, use Sumdog to prioritise the key maths facts to develop and reinforce essential knowledge and skills. Building those firm mathematical foundations including number bonds, times tables, and place value will increase their confidence and ensure they’re ready to progress.

We’re running a series of webinars throughout this term to get you up to speed, register below to join the next one or watch a recording.


3. Keep children engaged and motivated to learn

Sumdog games operate independently of pupils’ skill levels. They can juggle the pile of junk on Junkpile or blast their way through castles with Cannonball!

It doesn’t matter which of the exciting games pupils choose, or which subject they are working on, the questions adapt to provide an appropriate challenge for each individual, meaning they don’t get bored and want to keep on learning!

With a subscription, you can also send custom messages and reward pupils with extra coins for completing a challenge or trying their best.

4. Set personalised practice in less than a minute

With a Sumdog subscription, you can set tailored, specific practice to individuals or groups of pupils, ensuring they are working on key skills, suited to their level. You can easily differentiate on Sumdog, meaning there’s no sourcing multiple resources for different pupils!

With auto-marked questions and live results, there’s no printing, no marking, and no waiting for results to be brought back into school. You can immediately view their results and set them their next task.

Set personalised practice in less than a minute – watch our video to learn more!

5. Identify gaps with the new diagnostic tool

Quickly and accurately pinpoint each individual child’s strengths and areas for development with the free maths diagnostic tool. You’ll receive a class report, broken down by strand as well as an age-related placement result for each pupil, so you know whether they’re on track for their year level. With a subscription, use the custom assessments to drill down even further and use the results to set targeted intervention.

6. Encourage a sense of community with a contest

Join your local maths contest to motivate pupils and bring them together, wherever they are learning. Hosted throughout the year, they’re a great way to engage pupils in their learning and encourage teamwork to become local Sumdog champions!

Part of a Multi-Academy Trust? We can set up a bespoke contest just for the schools in your MAT. Register your interest.

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