Engaging Education With Interactive Games For Kids

Sumdog is committed to providing engaging education that kids and teachers love. We know that students who are enjoying the learning process are more likely to benefit from positive outcomes. That’s why we’re committed to delivering interactive games for kids that offer variety and excitement to keep students engaged.

Engaging each and every child

Sumdog games operate independently of students’ skill levels. They can juggle the pile of junk on Junkpile or blast their way through castles with Cannonball!

It doesn’t matter which of our 25 exciting games students choose, or which subject they are working on, the questions adapt to provide an appropriate challenge for each individual. They can play against a robot, their classmates, or even other children around the world!

That flexible approach ensures kids don’t get bored along the way, which is an essential part of any engaging learning experience.

Leveling the playing field

The great thing about this system is it allows children of varied proficiency levels to share a competitive gaming experience on a level playing field.

A child with less advanced math, spelling or reading skills can still compete with, and beat, children with a more advanced understanding. That not only encourages greater engagement with learning, but helps build vital confidence for less advanced students.

This is a fundamental principle of the growth mindset — promoting self-belief and motivating sustainable engagement with the learning process.

S. Dayton

Thank you Sumdog for creating engaging maths games that students love to play! We have a student who was really struggling with maths and his achievement was well below grade level. I set him up with a Sumdog account and encouraged his parents to allow him to use it at home. The first night he answered more than 900 questions with a 50% accuracy rate. The next week, his accuracy rate had improved to 55%. Three weeks later, he had answered nearly 4,000 questions and his accuracy rate had skyrocketed to 78%!

Mariposa Elementary School, FL, USA

Rewarding engagement

Rewarding children for positive engagement is an integral part of Sumdog’s design.

Students are rewarded for accuracy, with coins earned for every correct answer. Incorrect answers result in the gameplay being slowed down. This encourages kids to take their time and focus on answering correctly, rather than rushing through without thinking about the challenges they are presented with.

There is no random luck or gambling element to rewards, and every reward is earned through hard work and engagement.

Encouraging effort

Coins can only be used within Sumdog to decorate their unique Sumdog House, as well as dressing their avatar in a fun range of clothing and accessories.

The use of coins is limited to outside of school hours to keep students focused on their practice, though teachers have the option to open the house and shop during class as a reward.

Did we mention kids get an amazing digital pet to play with? When a student masters a skill, they are rewarded with an in-game pet, or a trick for an existing pet. This is a simple, fun way to reward children for, and engage them with, the valuable learning process.

Sherri Oliver

I am so impressed with the way the creators of Sumdog have figured out what “wows” kids. I hope you and your team realize how truly powerful it is to create something that appeals to all types of students and results in real learning.

Teacher, Mount Vernon Community School, VA, USA

Supporting personalized progress

Behind our games is an adaptive learning engine that responds to individual student progress, providing a personalized learning experience that consistently challenges learners at an appropriate level – not too easy that they get bored, and not so hard that they become disenchanted.

If a student struggles with a particular topic, Sumdog will instead present new topics that allow students to improve in other areas, and return to more challenging areas once proficiency and confidence have been increased.

Consolidating for confidence

Revision questions help solidify core skills and continually build confidence, while new topics enhance fluency and reinforce learning.

Questions are repeated in different styles to help students recognize patterns and overcome misconceptions, eliminating the focus on rote learning experiences. This helps build confidence and reduce reading and math anxiety.

Teachers reports will clearly identify any areas where a particular students may be struggling.

Creating a safe space

Online safety is paramount at Sumdog, so while children can play together on our platform, there is no way for them to send messages or communicate with each other inside the app.

Children can play with others around the world, but we never show their full name or school name, so they are kept anonymous.

They can however add friends in their house, and gift coins and store items to each other. We often hear stories of classes playing together to earn coins to gift to a classmate on their birthday!

Achievement through engagement

Sumdog was founded to help close the achievement gap and ensure no child gets left behind. We do this by providing an engaging education through interactive games for kids that deliver a truly personalized learning pathway. While that’s built on a complex adaptive learning engine that evolves to meet students’ needs, our fundamental commitment is to make learning fun!

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