Join the Maths Week London Contest

19th – 25th June 2020

Celebrate Maths & bring children together with a fun & free online maths contest from the founders of Maths Week London, a capital-wide project designed to improve attitudes towards maths and build children’s confidence.

Open to all pupils from Years 1 – 8, the Maths Week London Contest engages children wherever they’re learning. Be that at home or in the classroom, all children can take part and work together as a class to become London’s champions!


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4 reasons to enter

  1. Motivate children during school closures as they work together as a class to compete against schools across London
  2. Engage pupils in their learning as they choose from over 20 multiplayer Sumdog games whilst answering tailored maths questions
  3. Build their confidence as all the questions are personalised to their level, increasing in difficulty as their accuracy improves
  4. It’s completely free to take part and you can continue to use Sumdog for free once the contest has ended

The contest is running from 19th June to 25th June but you can get started now to familiarise your pupils with the games!




Fair for all

Sumdog’s questions adapt to each individual, giving every pupil a fair chance.

Free and fun

Easy to take part

To take part, pupils simply answer Sumdog questions any time during Maths Week London.


Accuracy based

The score for your class is based on correct answers, so every pupil’s accuracy counts!

Lynne McClelland, Class Teacher, Airdrie Academy, UK

"Sumdog is amazing!"

"All the pupils love playing the interactive games and more so when they can compete against each other! The contests give it another level of learning. Pupils want to do well. They want to get questions correct, to up the class average."