The National Oasis Maths Competition from Sumdog

5th to 11th June 2020

Oasis Community Learning

Welcome to Sumdog!

To help bring children together during school closures, Sumdog is running a bespoke online maths contest for the Oasis Learning Trust, taking place 5th – 11th June 2020. It’s really straightforward to get your school involved and teachers and children can continue to use Sumdog for free once the contest has ended.

This guide covers:

What is Sumdog?

How does the contest work?

Creating a teacher account

Setting up your class

Entering the contest

Sharing the contest with parents

Attend your training webinar


What is Sumdog?

Sumdog is an online maths and spelling programme, providing personalised practice that children love. Adaptive questions and multi-player games keep children switched on and motivated to learn.  Pupils are free to choose their favourite games to play, whilst teachers stay in control of the learning. Proven to accelerate progress, Sumdog reinforces learning, builds pupil confidence and supports targeted intervention to those who need it.

How does the contest work?

  • Children enter by playing any of the 20+ Sumdog games, using a computer, smartphone or tablet (on a browser, iOS app or Android app).
  • Questions are tailored to each child’s level, meaning children in Year 1 can compete against their peers in Year 8.
  • Pupils answer questions as accurately as they can during the course of a week. The class with the highest average number of accurate questions are the winners, meaning smaller sized classes have the same chance of winning as the larger classes.
  • There is a limit of 1,000 questions which takes around one hour of play. We advise children to split that out over the course of the week and spend a bit of time on Sumdog each day.
  • The winning class will receive a special trophy, medals and app store vouchers for each pupil, as well as trophies for the regional winners!



How will the contest benefit my pupils?

  • Motivate children during school closures as they compete against their peers across the trust.
  • Engage pupils in their learning as they choose from over 20 fun Sumdog games whilst answering tailored maths questions.
  • Build their confidence as all the questions are personalized to their level, increasing in difficulty as their accuracy improves.


Download the Contest Poster

Creating a Teacher Account

First thing’s first, we need to ensure you and the teachers in your school are set up with an account. You can either create a new one, or if you already have one, invite teachers across your school to Sumdog.

If you’re creating a new school, make sure to select ‘Academies’ from the drop-down and ‘Oasis Learning Trust’ as your district.

Set up your teacher account

Invite teachers to join your school account

Setting up your class

We know it’s not easy to share pupil logins at the moment so we’ve come up with a solution to help.

When you upload your classes (easily done using an excel spreadsheet), you can choose logins they already use for other online platforms. This will save time as there’s no need to contact individual parents with logins, you can simply ask children to log in using existing details and their Sumdog school code which will be the same for all children. Simply follow the step-by-step guidance below for ‘How to add your class.’



Do you need to create or update your classes?



Do you need to add new teachers to a class already set up?


Entering the contest

Now you’re all set up, it’s time to actually enter classes into the contest.

Simply log in and on your Teacher Dashboard select: ‘Set work’ and then ‘Contests.’ You will see your National Oasis Contest listed in the options, all you need to do is select ‘Enter.

Top tip: It’s a good idea to ask children to use Sumdog for at least an hour ahead of the contest in order for them to complete the diagnostic phase which ensures the questions are tailored to their level.

Read more about the diagnostic.

Share with Parents

Children can enter in school or at home, and given current school closures, we understand that most children will be taking part at home.

We’ve put together this handy guide for you to share with parents. It explains what the contest is and how children can take part at home.


Download Parents Information

Your Training Webinar

To help you get set up for the contest and make sure you can make the most out of your free access to Sumdog, we’re hosting two 15-minute webinars for teachers in the Oasis Learning Trust.

Simply register to attend below and we’ll email you a link to take part. There’ll also be time at the end to ask our Sumdog trainers any questions you have!

Recordings will be shared afterwards for anyone who can’t attend the live webinar.


An introduction to Sumdog

Monday 18th May 2020


Managing pupils and entering the contest

Tuesday 19th May 2020



What year groups can take part?

Sumdog is aimed at children from Years 1 to 8.


How will the contest know what questions to ask my pupils?

Prior to the start of the contest, we would recommend that you have your pupils log in to Sumdog and play the games. When they first start using Sumdog they will go through a diagnostic test that will place them at their ability level.

The questions asked during the contest will be based on their diagnostic test score.


Is there a minimum or maximum class size to enter the contest?

To make our contest fair, there is a minimum class size of 10 pupils per class. The maximum class size is 35.


How do pupils take part in the contest?

Once the contest has started, your pupils will be able to see the name of the contest in their Activity panel. Below that, they will be able to view how many questions they have left to answer in the contest.

Only the questions answered as part of the contest will count towards the contest score.

If they are not able to see the contest name in their Activity panel, do make sure that they have not selected another activity and that the correct class has been entered.


Is there a time limit or set number of questions they have to complete?

We do not have a time limit for our contests. Pupils can log in anytime during the contest period to answer questions.

We know that not all pupils have the same internet access and, to make the contest fair, we do have a 1,000 question limit. This means that once a pupil has answered 1,000 questions in the contest, any questions after that will not count towards their contest score.

Below the contest bar, pupils will be able to see a ‘Questions remaining’ box, showing them how many questions they have left.


How long is the contest?

The contest starts on Friday 5th June at 8am and ends the following Thursday 11th June at 8pm.

During the contest period, pupils can log in at any time to answer the questions, either in school or at home.


How are the scores calculated?

The individual pupil scores are calculated based on correct answers. Each correct answer will equal 1 contest point.

Class scores are calculated on a class average. This is done to make it fair for both larger and smaller classes.


Where can I view my class scores?

You will be able to view your class scores on the contest leaderboard. You can log into your teacher account and view the leaderboard here. Select the contest you would like to view from the list and click ‘classes’ under the leaderboard heading.


Are there any prizes?


  • The overall 1st place class will receive a Sumdog trophy.
  • Each pupil in the winning class will receive a medal and an app store voucher, either for Android or iOS.
  • The top 3 pupils nationally will receive a medal and app store voucher.
  • The top regional classes will receive a Sumdog trophy.
  • The top class each day will receive a printable daily winner certificate (a class can only be the Daily winner once during the contest).
  • All pupils who have answered 100 questions will receive a virtual item for their Sumdog house. This item will be delivered automatically as a gift to their account.