Sumdog Tables Holiday Challenge

20th December 2019 – 9th January 2020

This winter, we are inviting schools to take part in the free Sumdog Tables Holiday Challenge.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to encourage children to practise a key part of the standards over the break whilst also having fun and being in with a chance of winning a class prize!

What you need to know

  • The challenge takes place over the winter break, so it’s important to set the challenge and make sure students have their login details before the end of the semester.
  • It is completely free to enter and you can enter multiple classes from your school.
  • The winning class will have answered the highest number of accurate questions during the challenge, running from 20th December to 9th January.

Take a look at how easy it is to take part!

How to take part

  1. Create your free Sumdog account and find your school.  (Or just log in if you already have an account!)
  2. Use our quick class set up tool to add your students in just a few minutes.
  3. Select the ‘Sumdog Tables Challenge’ feature on your dashboard and decide which tables you would like to focus on, the number of questions children need to answer and the time frame. We suggest you let children take part over the whole winter break and set the dates 12/20/19 – 1/9/20. Children can play at any point during this time.
  4. Make sure all children know about the Sumdog Tables Holiday Challenge and have their login details to access at home. Download this parent letter to send home.
  5. To take part, students play Sumdog’s free math games. In each game, they need to answer math questions to make progress. Each correct answer they give counts toward their score.

The Prizes

The winning class will receive a 6-month subscription to Sumdog’s advanced tools and extra activities.

Got any questions? Feel free to contact our support team on and they’ll be happy to answer any questions.


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What is Sumdog?

Sumdog is an online learning platform for math and spelling, dedicated to helping close the attainment gap by motivating children with fun games and targeted questioning.

As pupils work, the questions are adapted to each individual, progressing them through the key standards. This ensures that all children remain engaged in the activity and motivated to take part and improve. Children are given the independence to choose the game they want to play (children often pick the same game and play against each other!) while the teacher retains control over the topics and skills covered.

If you don’t already have an account, you can create one in just a few minutes and it’s completely free to take part in the Sumdog Tables Holiday Challenge.

1. The Sumdog Tables Holiday Challenge is open to all schools in the United States.
2. The Challenge runs from 12/20/19 – 1/9/20.
3. The class who has the highest average number of correct answers per student during this period will win a 6 month subscription to Sumdog for their class. This means small classes have just a good a chance of winning as the larger classes!
5. All prizes are awarded at the discretion of Sumdog and must be claimed within one month of the closing date. No purchase is necessary.
6. Sumdog games continue to be free after the challenge ends.
7. If the winner has an existing math subscription, an English subscription may be redeemed in its place or the math subscription assigned to another class within the school.
8. If the winner class has both a math and English subscription, the math subscription may be assigned to another class within the school.
9. If the current subscription ends before the 1 month prize validity expires, only then can the free subscription can be redeemed for the winning class.
10. In the event of a tie, only the first place class will be awarded a subscription. The tie breaker is based on the students average speed when answering questions.