Home Learning using Sumdog

Sumdog’s games engage children in personalized math, spelling and grammar practice. Sumdog is particularly helpful for parents facing multiple challenges.

As a social business it’s our mission to support the ongoing education of children. On March 16, we announced that Sumdog would be free for the duration of school closures up until the summer vacation. We did this so that more children would benefit from Sumdog’s personalized practice for math, spelling and grammar during these difficult times.

From July 1, schools will need to subscribe in order to maintain access to premium tools (such as the new rewarding feature). This will enable us to continue to enhance the service.

For all schools that commit to subscribing in July (or before), we will extend your free access until the end of July, giving you an additional month for free.


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5 ways to support home learning

Sumdog is able to help support distance learning and home study, so you can maintain educational continuity, consolidate existing knowledge, maintain skills fluency and keep pupils engaged in learning outside of the classroom.

1. Adaptive math practice

School closures often result in more screen time for children, Sumdog helps ensure that screen time offers a positive educational opportunity in a way that kids enjoy.

  • learning engine ensures each child works at their own level
  • rewards system for both effort and achievement
  • access on a browser, or download our apps for iPad & iPhone, Android or Kindle

Top tip: Help your class get started during the closure – Download and print parent flyers to help parents know how to support their child with Sumdog at home, and provide each child with their login details.

2. Blend new learning with revision

Challenge children with both fresh topics as a source of continual learning, and revision questions to solidify core skills.

We use Khan Academy tutorials to provide instructional videos at the end of each game, helping students tackle particularly tricky skills.

A focus on familiar learning offers a valuable reassurance for children at a time of disruption, as well as helping support continued math and reading fluency outside of the standard teaching environment.

Top tip: You can now set a challenge for your class to revise a topic you’ve already taught in under a minute – and see the results without marking!

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3. Get real-time feedback on their progress

While setting work may be easily available, real-time feedback on students’ learning progress is often challenging to access.

Sumdog’s teacher reports provide continual insight into students’ progress, enabling you to target intervention. You can set homework for your class remotely, setting specific skills practice for individual students.

Top Tip: Spend 15 minutes attending a Sumdog teacher webinar to help you get the most out of your account during school closures.

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4. Build their confidence and keep them motivated

Our adaptive learning engine ensures questions are personalized and posed at a level suitable for each individual student so that a child with less advanced skills can still compete on a fair playing field against children with more advanced proficiency. That’s the perfect opportunity to provide a reassuring digital way for children to interact while building confidence and reinforcing math fluency.

Top tip: Why not enter your class in our Easter National Contest to encourage them to practice through the holidays.

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5. Practice multiplication tables

Access a valuable revision tool that reinforces understanding while promoting multiplication fluency through regular, varied, and engaging practice. 

Top tip: Set differentiated tables practice for your class, focusing each student on the tables they need to improve.

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