Getting started guide for parents

Welcome to Sumdog. Let’s go through some simple steps to get your family off to a fun start.

If you have a Family Membership there’s even more to discover.

Create your family

First things first, you’ll want to add your children to your account. You can do this by going to ‘Settings’ and choosing the ‘Children’ panel. Here you can either create new logins for your children, or link their school accounts if they already have them.

Get your kids logged in

If your kids don’t already have login details from their school, you can get them from your dashboard.

It’s important that each child always logs in with their own details, so that they can always work at the right level for them, as well as earn and spend their own rewards.

Find out more about what your kids do when they log in here.

We’ve designed our games to be really intuitive to kids and we generally find they take to them like ducks to water, so it won’t be long before you can just leave them to it.

Play with your kids

You can play alongside your children! It’s a great way to get them motivated and have fun learning as a family.

When children start using Sumdog, the first few games will make up a diagnostic test so we can find the right level for them, and this applies to parents too!

This means when you play with your children you’ll all be answering your own set of questions, which keeps it a fair battle (and is great if you’re not that confident with your own skills). Challenge them to beat you!


Track their activity

You can see at a glance how much time your kids have spent answering questions on Sumdog, as well as how many questions they’ve answered, and their accuracy – just choose what you want to see by clicking ‘Customize’.

Is their accuracy dropping? Encourage them to focus on getting the right answer and not just rushing through the games. We’ll reward them with virtual coins for every one they get right.

Reward hard work

We reward children for correct answers with virtual coins, that they can spend in their virtual house, and dressing their avatar. Coins can only be earned, they can’t be bought, which keeps them motivated to get the answers right.

You can open the house for them as a reward, or keep it closed to keep them focused on practice.

Note that if their teacher has closed the house, you may not be able to open it for them during school hours, but it will always be open by default outside of school hours.

Give them gifts

If you’re playing along with your kids, you will of course earn coins yourself! You can gift coins, or items from the house, to your kids as a reward for hard work.

Just head into your own house, which you can of course decorate yourself!


Our help pages are full of information and answers to common questions.


Our friendly support team are on hand if you get really stuck.


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