Inside Sumdog’s Family Membership

A family membership unlocks extra features and activities to give you more control over what your kids practice while they are playing on Sumdog.

More than math

If you have a family membership, or your child has a subscription through their school, they can also practice spelling and grammar questions. They can still play the same fun games so they stay motivated and engaged.

You can see their activity inside your parent dashboard by changing the subject at the top. Your kids can choose which subject they practice by clicking on their tasks button.

Note: Spelling questions involve words and sentences being read aloud, so it’s helpful if your child has headphones to wear (unless you want to hear it all!).

Set a challenge

As children play we’ll provide them with continuous feedback and ongoing rewards for hard work and accuracy, but you can raise the stakes by setting them a challenge! Set them a question target, and we’ll reward them with bonus coin for every correct answer.

You can set a time for the challenge as well, which is handy if you are structuring their day around different home-learning activities.

When setting a challenge, you can let Sumdog choose skills for them to work on, or you can choose specific skills if, for example, their teacher has suggested they do more work on a particular topic.

Do a little quiz

Set a different style of practice – use the assessment tool to create little quizzes to show children how well they are doing. Your kids will answer the questions outside the game environment, and you will be able to see how they got on.

You can even repeat the assessment and challenge them to beat the previous score, then give them a bit reward when they do!

Encourage some friendly competition

If you have a couple of children in your family, you can set up a little competition between them. Because each child can answer questions at their own level, it’s completely fair.

Who says your 6 year old can’t find themselves on top of the leader-board ahead of their older siblings!

Follow their progress

With your Sumdog family membership you have access to range of different reports which will give you an indication of their progress and areas they are struggling with. You can click on each child on your dashboard for an overview, or go to the Reports tab to see comparisons and greater detail.

Note: we would always recommend discussing areas of concern with your child’s teachers, as Sumdog is only one part of their efforts and won’t give you a full picture of their knowledge.


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