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Introducing Sumdog Learners!

Posted on 17th July 2018 by admin

learners 1

We get asked a lot how much time children should spend on Sumdog. We always recommend at least 30 minutes per week.

And to reflect this, we’ve introduced Learners!

Now, whenever a child spends 30 minutes practising on Sumdog over the course of a week, they will receive a bonus of 100 coins. To keep them motivated, they can track their progress at the top of their screen. When they hit their 30 minute target, they unlock their treasure chest of extra coins!

learners 2

Even better, teachers can track all their hard work on the teacher dashboard!


Once a child has completed 30 minutes in the week, you will see a green tick.

Don’t forget you can project your teacher dashboard onto your class Smart board, to give your class a little extra motivation, or download and print our free classroom poster to track your learners each week!



US/Canada print version

UK/European print version



Logging in taking up a lot of class time? If you’re in the US you can save that time with our Clever integration, and teachers in England and Wales can integrate their registers with Wonde.