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Introducing the Sumdog Warm Up Race!

Posted on 24th July 2018 by admin

We’ve made a bit of a change to they way students will use Sumdog, and we think teachers and students are going to love it!

Get warmed up!

Now, when a students logs into Sumdog, they will start their session with the Sumdog Warm Up –  a series of quick fire questions as they race Sumdog to the city. Answer questions correctly to go faster, get them wrong and Sumdog will get ahead.

warm up screen

These will be short revision questions, aimed just below the skill level that the students would see in the regular Sumdog games, enabling them to be answered quickly and fluently.  This will focus the students’ concentration, and help to get them into the right frame-of-mind for the rest of the session.

This is a great way to get your students warmed up and excited to work on their mathematics, spelling or reading. They’ll have fun trying to beat Sumdog to the finish, and of course will be rewarded for accuracy with coins, motivating them to get the answers right.

More engagement = more learning!

The Warm Up also gives students more practice time. During the warm up, we will load all the technical bits in the background, so when students then choose the games they want to play they will open quickly instead of taking time to load.

This means that students can fit in more practice in a session. They will be focused from the start, no waiting around getting bored!

Warm up


Teachers and parents can try it out by logging in to your dashboard and clicking the Play button.

The warm up is part of our ongoing work to improve the Sumdog experience. We are also making other changes to make our games easier to play and to reduce classroom disruption caused by technical issues, including the option to hide 2D games.  You can find out more about this here.