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Multiplication Tables Check

The Multiplication Check is coming in June 2020. To support you and your pupils, we have made all of our Sumdog Tables features completely free to use.

This includes a replica of the MTC to familiarise children with the layout of the check.


Practising for the MTC with Sumdog

We believe that the best way to support children is to ensure they have regular and varied practice of the tables. This will develop their number recall, improve their number fluency and help them to answer questions within the 6 seconds time-frame.

Children with a strong understanding of their tables and fast recall, will be able to access trickier areas of the curriculum. Their working memory won’t be needed for calculating, enabling them to work out more complex mathematical problems.

Following teacher feedback, we have created a replica check to familiarise children with the format ahead of June.

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Multiplication Tables Check

  • Familiarise children with the layout of the check and the use of the on-screen keypad
  • Practise answering questions within the required time constraints
  • Free to use, no log in required.

New release: Mapped to the DfE’s specifications, our free MTC familiarises children with the layout of the check and rewards their effort with coins to spend in their house, keeping them motivated and engaged in their learning. Reporting functionality also enables you view, save and share pupils’ accuracy to inform your teaching.

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Multiplication Practice

As well as giving children an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the check, regular, varied and engaging practice is key to developing number fluency.

  • Personalised practice in just a few clicks –  You can set focused and personalised practice for your whole class in less than a minute. They choose the game they want to play whilst you choose the table they need to practise!
  • Children love to learn using Sumdog – Pupils are rewarded with virtual coins for practising which they can use in their house or on their personal avatar! Set it as homework to continue the learning beyond the classroom.
  • Identify areas for improvement – Use the heatmap to quickly see where children are struggling and identify tables that need some extra practice.

Set a Tables Challenge

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Guide to the MTCYour Simple Guide to the Multiplication Tables Check

We’ve put together a handy overview of the MTC to make sure you all have all the information you need! It includes a timeline with the key dates and a summary of the format of the check.

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How would you recommend using the MTC tool in class?

This MTC tool is intended to familiarise children with the layout and the format of the check. We want to reduce any anxiety children might have going into the assessment. By giving them the opportunity to get used to new elements such as the on-screen timer, the different keypad, and the time restrictions, children should feel more at ease when it comes to the real thing and are more likely to do their best.

The MTC can be tricky as it requires real concentration. Have a go yourself and after a few tries you’ll see what we mean! So we wouldn’t advise children to simply do it on repeat and regular and varied practice is still really important. An example of how the MTC tool could be used could look something like this:

  1. Set the MTC at the start of the lesson. Explain to the children what they’re going to do and that they need to concentrate and do their best!
  2. Log in to Sumdog and set a Tables Challenge for the whole class to complete. It’s completely free to set a Tables Challenge, you just need to create an account. In less than a minute, you can set up custom groups and set different children different tables to practise. You choose the tables but children can still choose which games they want to play. This keeps them engaged in their learning and motivated to progress. 
  3. Set the MTC a week later to see if children feel more comfortable with the setting and if they have made an improvement in those tables they have been practising. 

Top tip: You might want to try letting children use the tool on a variety of devices (if you have them available!) Some might find it easier to use a keyboard, whilst others prefer using a touchpad on a tablet or phone.

How often should I be setting the MTC?

This of course depends on your setting and the children you are working with. Schools generally are looking to set it once a fortnight in the run up to Easter and once a week in the Summer term.

How do I set the MTC?

Currently you don’t need any login to use the MTC. Simply share the page with children (or ask them to search ‘Sumdog MTC’) and they will click ‘Start the MTC’ button at the top of the page. Children can print their results at the end for you to review.

We’re about to launch an updated version which will sit on your dashboard. In just a few clicks you will be able to set the MTC for all children in your class. The MTC will be available for 24 hours. Children will also receive coins for every correct answer. Once children have completed the MTC, you will be able to access a report detailing strengths and weaknesses which will inform your future teaching and act as a benchmark for future assessments.

We will email you as soon as this is ready, be sure to create an account or register for updates to receive the email.

I’m not based in England, is this tool still helpful for me?

Yes, absolutely. We have worked closely with teachers all over the world to develop this tool and schools across Scotland and the US have been using it to consolidate and reinforce learning of the tables. The time limits encourage rapid recall and children are required to have real fluency. Some classes have set up whole-school competitions where children try and their best to beat the clock!