Impact report: Sumdog proven to improve fluency

Mathematical fluency gives children the ability to recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately. It is a crucial building block and the foundation for later learning. Impact studies are central to Sumdog’s mission and help to guide our pedagogy and refine the program.


Giving children a six-month advantage

This study set out to investigate whether using Sumdog on a regular basis has an impact on students’ mathematical fluency.

The findings revealed that the progress that regular Sumdog users made was almost double that of non-regular users.

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) describes an effect size of this magnitude as “high impact”; equivalent to a six-month advantage.


Fostering math fluency with the use of Edtech

Watch our video to hear Dr Sara Humphries share how the study was carried out, and the significance of the findings. You can download a summary of the findings below, and also find the full research paper published in the Impact Journal of the Chartered College of Teaching.




To encourage extra practice, we have created a parent-version of the study for you to share.

It explains the results of the study and how parents and carers can support children’s learning at home.


Download the Impact Report for Parents - in colour
Download the Impact Report for Parents - in black and white

Those children who have used Sumdog on a regular basis have made more progress than those who didn’t.

J. Smith, King David Primary School, Liverpool, UK

How Sumdog can impact learning in your school

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