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7th – 13th June 2019

Sumdog is a founding partner of Maths Week London 2019, a new project designed to improve attitudes towards maths and build children’s confidence.

Take part in the Maths Week London Contest and compete against other classes to become London Champions!

The online contest is completely FREE to enter and is a great way to motivate children and encourage teamwork.



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How to take part

  1. Sign up for a free account, or log in if you’re already registered. Simply click on the ‘Contests’ button and select the Maths Week London Contest.Need a hand? Read how to get set up, and how to join your school’s Sumdog account.
  2. Start playing! The winner will be the class with the most accurate scores over the week. All of the questions are tailored to each pupil’s level, giving everyone a fair chance of winning.
  3. The winning class will be awarded a Sumdog trophy that will be presented at a special prize giving in central London. You will also receive a 6 month subscription to Sumdog’s premium features, including teacher tools and extra activities!

The contest is running from 7th June to 13th June but you can get started now to familiarise your pupils with the games!


Fair for all

Sumdog’s questions adapt to each individual, giving every pupil a fair chance.

Free and fun

Easy to take part

To take part, pupils simply answer Sumdog questions any time during Maths Week London.


Accuracy based

The score for your class is based on correct answers, so every pupil’s accuracy counts!

Spread the word

Print off this poster and share it around your school to get all pupils and teachers involved!

"Sumdog is amazing!"

"All the pupils love playing the interactive games and more so when they can compete against each other! The contests give it another level of learning. Pupils want to do well. They want to get questions correct, to up the class average."

Lynne McClelland, Class Teacher, Airdrie Academy, UK

Identify gaps

Games motivate pupils

As children play, Sumdog checks their progress against the curriculum.

Traffic lights show completed skills while the hard skills report shows where they struggle.

Target interventions

Set focused activities

Use Sumdog to identify your target pupils.

Set challenges and focus skills for individuals or groups – at school or at home.

See results

Fun turns to progress

Rich data feeds back each child’s abilities and levels, while Sumdog automatically personalises practice for each pupil to keep them on track.

Sumdog at Shinewater Primary

Shinewater Primary purchased Sumdog in February 2018.

"I've found the data particularly helpful."

"Before, I found it tricky to see whole class gaps. I know what a particular child struggles with, but now I'm able to look at Sumdog and see that a number of children have struggled in a particular area."

Clare Wake, Year 3 teacher, Shinewater Primary