Multiplication Tables: the building blocks of mathematics

A good understanding of the tables, and the ability to recall them quickly, is an essential foundation for children’s learning. Those children with a strong grasp of multiplication tables are more confident in their calculations and┬átend to be more self-assured when learning new mathematical concepts.

As well as ensuring children have a conceptual understanding of the tables, regular, varied and engaging practice is key to developing number fluency.

In our mission to close the achievement gap, we are making our tables content and teacher tools free to all Sumdog users. We want to compliment your teaching and provide new ways for you to practise tables with your class. Log in to your dashboard now and see how easy it is to set work on tables.

Set a tables challenge for your class

Regular practice can really help build multiplication fact fluency. Using the Sumdog Tables Challenge feature, you can:

  • Reinforce a table you have been teaching in class
  • Refresh children’s memory before teaching a topic that relies on tables
  • Easily identify a table that needs practice using the heatmap
  • Encourage additional practice outside of the classroom by setting it for homework

If you’re in England, the challenges are a great way to ensure varied and regular practice of the tables, in a fun and engaging environment ahead of the Multiplication Tables Check.

It takes less than a minute to set your class a challenge. Watch how easy it is in the short video.

Sumdog Tables Holiday Challenge

Congratulations to the hundreds of schools that took part in the recent Holiday Challenge. Thousands of tables questions were answered correctly over the holidays as children practised their tables and had fun!

Why not create your own Sumdog Challenge? It’s quick to set up and you can encourage the whole school to get involved!


Set a tables challenge

Focus and differentiate

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