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* K-8 Math (per class, per year)

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Target skills

Set specific skills and individualize practice for your students.

Track progress

See exactly what your students are working on and their progress. Quickly produce reports for parent and teacher meetings.

Set activities

Challenges and competitions motivate students to answer questions, and are ideal for focused classwork or homework.

Assess and intervene

Quickly create your own assessments to match what you are teaching. Sumdog does the marking for you, saving you time, and you can identify where extra teaching is needed.

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Engaging Activities

Students will love practice and will be motivated to improve

6 games 27 games
Active Progression

Each student works through standards-aligned skills at their own pace

Instructional Videos

Khan Academy tutorials reinforce learning when students struggle

Directly aligned to Common Core and key state Standards

Advancement package

For older or gifted students


Class summary reports

See everything your class is working on, and their current levels – identify areas for extra teaching

Proficiency charts

Track their growth against the standards to make sure they’re on track

Skills mastery and progress reports

See which skills they have mastered and which they are struggling with – great for parent meetings!

Detailed accuracy and usage reports

Track how much practice your students are doing – even at home

Assessments with auto marking

Create custom assessments to match your teaching, and get results straight away


Compare classes and grades, see what they are working on and if they are on track

Toolkit add-on


Group students by skills mastery

Use reports to instantly create rotations or identify groups of students for additional instruction

Competitions & Challenges

Motivate your students to work on activities – great for homework that is marked for you!

Skills Focus

Assign specific skills to practice, such as for test prep