State standards alignment

In the USA, as well as the Common Core, Sumdog is aligned to state standards for a number of states:

  • Virginia standards of learning
  • Indiana Academic Standards
  • Florida standards (MAFS)
  • Texas Standards (TEKS)
  • NEW: PA Core Standards Mathematics
  • NEW: Minnesota Academic Standards in Mathematics
  • NEW: South Carolina Standards for Mathematics

We’ve built our skill plans with the help of over 100 teachers, and continually test and research their effectiveness.

If you are in one of these states, you can align your school’s Sumdog account to match these standards.


Align the standards to the order they are typically taught or edit them to match your own teaching plan.

See standards codes next to Sumdog skills, such as when reviewing a student’s hard skills, or setting activities.

Easily identify specific areas of the standards to match your in class teaching.

Measure your students against their expected progress through your state’s standards.