FAQs for parents during school closures

New to using Sumdog at home? Find answers to some of our most common questions below:


Does my child get free access to Sumdog?

Yes. If your child has a school account, they will have full access to all of Sumdog, including all games and subjects, during school closures. You can create a parent account so you can see what they are working on and play alongside your child! Find out about parent accounts.

If your child doesn’t have a school account, they can still access math questions on Sumdog. You can create a free account where children can play 6 of our most popular games and will be rewarded for their accuracy. Or you can purchase a family subscription. A subscription includes all 24 games and spelling and grammar questions, and you are able to set work, see progress and target specific skills.


How can I access Sumdog?

Children can play Sumdog games through the Sumdog app. You can download this to your tablet or smartphone and it works on Apple iOS, Android and Amazon Fire. You can also use a computer and simply head to the website to play, just click the Log In button at the top.


What is the diagnostic test?

The diagnostic test is used to place children at the right level based on their ability. Our online learning engine will ask a range of questions, some that children will find too easy, others they will find too hard. All they need to do is take their time and try their best, at this stage we’re not concerned with speed.

The test starts as soon as they start playing games. You’ll know when it’s over as they will have earned their first pet!

Find out more about how the diagnostic test works.


The questions are too easy/too hard. How do I change this?

If the diagnostic test places a child too high or too low, they may be seeing questions that are too difficult or easy for them. This might happen, for example, if an older sibling has helped or if the child was rushing during the diagnostic test. Find out how to re-run the diagnostic test.


My child has a school account but has forgotten their login details. Can you help?

Due to GDPR and data protection rules, we can’t share this information directly with you. You will need to speak to your child’s teacher who will be able to share their details.


How do I know if the teacher has set work for my child?

If your child has an active task to complete, they will see it on their screen when they first log in. They can see all upcoming tasks by clicking on the Tasks button on the left.


Sumdog does spelling and grammar too – how do I find them?

Your child can practice spelling and grammar by clicking on the Tasks button on the left and choosing their preferred subject. Spelling questions read the words aloud and in a sentence, so make sure the volume is turned up on the device (headphones might be helpful!).

We’re here to help

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