How to move students to a new school

Students can moved school without them starting all over again on Sumdog. Following these steps will mean they can take their progress so far and their coins with them to their new school.


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Existing school: Visit help page

New school: Visit help page


a) Existing school


To begin, log into your account.

Go to ‘Settings’


Click on ‘MANAGE’ on the Manage students box

Click on the blue triangle to show the all of the students in the class


Click on ‘Select multiple students’

Click ‘Select all’. You can also click on the individual students.

Click ‘Remove from school’ at the bottom left.


Click ‘Done’

To delete the class, click on the grey bin

To edit the class name, click on the gold star/‘View details’

b) Students


Next section will be completed by the students

When the student logs in, they will be asked to join another school.

They will then be asked to enter the school’s code and request to join the new school.

Their request will be sent to the school and any teacher on the account will be able to accept the request.

*If the student clicks ‘Done’ at any point during this process, they will be taken to the warm up and then onto their dashboard. When they log out and then log back in again they will be prompted to join a school.



c) New School


These steps will be completed by the school who is receiving the new student.

To begin, log into your account.

Go to ‘Settings’


Click on ‘MANAGE’ on the Manage students box

Create the class first by clicking on ‘Add a class’. This will mean you can put the new students straight into their new class.


At the bottom left corner you will see the students waiting to join the school. Click on the text.

Use the boxes on the left to select the students then click ‘Accept into the school’.

Use the drop-down menu to select the class and click ‘OK’

Repeat for the next class by selecting the students then clicking ‘Accept in the school’.

Once you have sorted the students into the classes, click on ‘Save Changes’.

*The students should now be in their new classes.

Don’t worry, you can still click on the students name and drag them into another class.


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