3 Easy Steps to Set up Sumdog


Setting up your account is as easy as 1,2,3. Follow our ‘how to’ guides to get started.


Have all your teachers set up on Sumdog so they can start using Sumdog.


Learn how to get your classes set up and ready for the new school year.



Your students will need login details to start the learning on Sumdog.

View steps on how to print these out.



Already have a teacher account?

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Moving schools and taking your account with you?


Haven’t got a teacher account? Choose one of the following options

Set up your own teacher account and join a school.

Invite teachers to join the school account



Are your classes already set up?

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Get your classes ready for the new academic year? Choose one of the following options

Do you need to create or update your classes?

Do you need to add new teachers to classes already set up?

Do you need to group your pupils?

Do you have a pupils changing schools?




Get your pupils started on Sumdog by printing out their login details

Print out and send parent letters to continue the learning at home