Creating and updating classes


You can:
  1. Create a class – recommended if you are uploading up to 3 classes
  2. Upload multiple classes – recommended if you are uploading more than 3 classes

When you are naming classes for the new school year we recommend having the academic year in the class title so that it doesn’t get confused with your current classes

For example – Oak class 2019/2020

Create a class

Visit help page

To begin, log in to your teacher account.


Go to Settings and click on ‘MANAGE’ on the Manage students box.


Click on ‘Add a class’.

Type in:

(a) Class name

(b) Choose the Year level from the drop down list

(c) First and last name

Click on ‘Set up class’ to confirm.

If there is more than one student with a matching name, the system will ask you to confirm if the student you are adding has an existing account.

To avoid duplicating accounts, please click on the drop-down box to view the other accounts matching the name.

If one of the results is your student, select the account.

If the student account you are adding is a new student, click on ‘Create new’.

Choose to:

Print student login


Print parent letter

Adding one pupil

In the Manage students

Click on ‘Add student’ in the class folder.

Moving students by clicking and dragging

If you are moving one pupil you can click on their name and drag them into the new class.

If you need to move more than one pupil then :

  • Click Select multiple students under a class
  • Click on all the students you wish to move. To choose all the students, click select all. You can select students from multiple classes.
  • Click and drag their names into the class you would like them to be in
  • Click Done

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