5 ways to use Sumdog at parent-teacher meetings

Parent-teacher meetings offer a great opportunity to work with the parent or guardian on their child’s future progress. Going in with evidence and the tools to address and achieve progress can make this even more effective.

As children play, Sumdog learns all about their abilities and gaps, and can report all this learning back to you. You can also use Sumdog to target interventions and bridge the gap between home and school.

So why not take an iPad or laptop to your meetings, log in to Sumdog, and follow these 5 tips to enhance your outcomes:

1. Show what they’ve achieved

Start positive and show skills that their child has already mastered. Click on the students name on your dashboard to view their report card.

If you have a Sumdog subscription you can click on the Hard Skills Report to show which skills the student has now mastered.

If you don’t have a subscription you can look at their Fact Families Report to show progress in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

2. Look at what’s next

For any child, there will always be something they can work on and improve. Sumdog shows you the child’s focus skill, just click on their name on your teacher dashboard.

If you have a Sumdog subscription, you’ll be able to delve into this further and identify their hard skills, and their accuracy on these skills using the Class Reports.

3. Intervene together

Now you’ve looked at what needs work, you can work together to help the student address their gaps.

If you have a subscription, you can set up a challenge together for the student focusing on these skills. The parent or guardian knows what their child needs to do, and can encourage them to complete their challenge.

To set up a challenge just click on ‘Set work’, choose ‘Challenges’, and make sure to click ‘Set skills’ at the bottom. Click on ‘example questions’ to show parents exactly what to expect.

4. Bridge the gap between home and school

Don’t forget, Sumdog is a great way to bridge the gap between home and school! Children can log in to Sumdog at home, using the same login details.

You can print off letters to give to parents, with their child’s login details, by going to ‘Manage students’, clicking on ‘View details’ next to the class, and choosing ‘Print parent letters’. Do this before your meetings so you can give them to the parent to take home.

5. Encourage parental engagement

Parents and guardians can get further involved by signing up for their own free accounts to track their child’s progress or play along with them!

While parents are waiting to see you, have a device available so that they can play on Sumdog as a student and see what it’s all about.

If you have older students around, perhaps they could help parents get set up with their own accounts and show them what to do (note, parents will need an email address and access to set up an account).

Not subscribed?

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