Personalized practice made simple

Is every student in your class working at the same level?

No, we thought not.

Every child is unique, and so is their ability. Some may be working ahead of their peers and need to be challenged, others may have a solid grasp on number, but struggle with shape. Some may feel confident in math, but are grappling with literacy skills.

Some may feel that learning just isn’t for them.

When children work at their own level, their confidence grows and they make more progress.

We believe that every child can succeed.

No more gathering or creating piles of worksheets

Without intervention, struggling students can end up falling further and further behind, but differentiating practice for every student in a mixed-ability classroom can be difficult and time-consuming.

We’re here to support you by simplifying the process, so your students can spend more time finding success, and you can spend more time giving them what they need to succeed.

Sumdog makes personalizing practice for groups and individuals quick, simple and effective.

With a free Sumdog account, our powerful learning engine places every student and leads them through the math standards at the right pace.

With a Sumdog subscription, you can easily blend whole-class, individual, and small group work. You set the skills, and your students simply choose their favorite games to practice them, which keeps engagement levels high.

Set work and create groups in a few clicks
Aligned to your standards
Choose specific skills, or broaden to whole topics or levels

Encourage a growth mindset

Children who are motivated to learn and feel confident in their abilities are more likely to be willing to challenge themselves to try new things.

Because students enjoy practice, Sumdog boosts their confidence and helps to reduce math anxiety.

Children play and learn alongside each other, but work towards their own personalized goals. Higher ability students can get greater depth and revision, while those needing extra practice can be given the chance to catch up in a way that doesn’t feel like a chore or stress.

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Find out how to set practice on any topic in a minute. We’ll cover what your pupils will see when you set this and viewing the results during or after they have completed it

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