Use game-based learning to build math fluency

We’re working to close the achievement gap through math games that kids and teachers love. That means supporting kids to learn math, while providing the tools to ensure teachers can better help them along the way.

Make Learning Fun

We know that one of the best ways to engage kids is to provide a platform that makes learning fun. Sumdog works closely with teachers and students to create an experience that genuinely engages students with practice, while providing the tools that inform teachers and enable them to adapt and support improved educational attainment.

Sumdog Math provides free access to six great games that support progress in essential math skills, with a Sumdog subscription unlocking access to more than 20 additional games, as well as additional tools and more advanced reports that enable you to target specific skills while enjoying deeper insight into children’s progress.

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To ensure you are confident using Sumdog for home learning, and navigating all the teacher tools, we are running free 15 minute webinars daily. Let our experts show you around.

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S. Dayton

We have a student who was really struggling with math, and his achievement was well below grade level. I set him up with a Sumdog account and encouraged his parents to allow him to use it at home. The first night he answered more than 900 questions with a 50% accuracy rate… three weeks later, he had answered nearly 4,000 questions, and his accuracy rate had skyrocketed to 78%!

Mariposa Elementary School, FL, USA

Personalized progress

Sumdog is not only developed to align with the Common Core and key state standards, but is designed to adapt to the individual needs of each student. A simple diagnostic test links student abilities to the relevant level measured against your standards, providing the perfect foundation for them to develop their math skills. Sumdog then adapts to individual progress through gameplay, providing a path for ongoing learning that evolves to provide questions that continuously challenge students at an appropriate level.

Teacher reporting

Making learning fun is key, but so too is our commitment to providing informed oversight for teachers. Sumdog’s powerful reporting will help you identify gaps, and target intervention for those students who require additional support. Our mission is to deliver real educational results by building engaging math games for kids to enjoy.

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