Which games are free?


Sumdog’s game-based learning is designed to motivate as many children as possible. Each Sumdog game can be used to practice a vast range of skills.

In order to test out the games and improve your students’ skills, engagement and confidence within maths, we are offering six of our most popular games for free. Children can work on any skill in any game, enabling them to always play the games they enjoy most.

How can I access all of the free games?

Our newer games run on HTML5, a web-based program. HTML5 is usually enabled on the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. Unfortunately, if you are using Internet Explorer you will need to change browsers as HTML5 is not supported on IE due to its legacy program. Click here for the latest supported browser version.


Why are only some games free?

As much as we would love to make all of Sumdog free, as its popularity grows so do its running costs. We want to make Sumdog the best possible platform for all students and teachers and in order to fund this investment, we need schools to subscribe to Sumdog. By doing so you will allow us to develop even more tools to support our mission; to close the gap and help all children succeed.


What is included in a subscription?

As well as extra games and activities, a Sumdog subscription gives you access to a range of valuable teachers tools, designed to help you gain more insight into your students’ abilities, target your interventions and cut down on workload. Find out more here.


Why does one of my students have access to more games than the rest of my class?

If your student is also linked to a family account and their parents have purchased a family subscription, then they will have access to the additional subscription games. (If the school has bought a subscription it could be that they do not have flash enabled for all browsers).



What’s Involved?

Great for:


Carefully stack junk to build the

tallest tower you can… without it


Requires skilful positioning of objects

under time pressure. Good for all but

younger kids may find challenging.

Street Racer

Answer questions correctly to

boost your car around the city

and beat the other racers!

A simple game that’s good for

younger kids or those new to



Feed the hungry people by

assembling their perfect

burgers as quickly as possible!

Requires a combination of

speed and pattern-matching.

Good for all but targeted

towards older children.


Practice your goal kicking skills

— aim for the goal, but avoid

hitting those practice dummies!

It’s easy to learn but hard to

master,  suitable for all kids.


Use your siege cannon to

destroy as many castles as

you can!

Requires some aiming but not

much precision, suited for any

age that likes big explosions and

rescuing chickens.

Pier Walk

Try to have the best costume

when the time runs out by

taking good clothes for yourself

and giving silly ones to the

other players!

A simple game for kids of all

ages who like to be creative.