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Using EdTech to Improve Results

Posted on 27th January 2020 by Olivia Tanner

Following on from last week’s education technology show (BETT) which showcased everything from classroom robots to virtual reality lessons, we wanted to look at whether EdTech can actually improve maths results? And can its impact be proven?

Join us as we explore how using the right technology to teach math can accelerate progress and boost results.

Fluency Comes First

In order to improve results and accelerate progress, we need to ensure children have a firm foundation of understanding. Through intelligent practice and frequent repetition, children are encouraged to practise a skill until they become confident. This mathematical fluency gives children the ability to recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately. It is therefore a crucial building block for later learning.

Research demonstrates that Sumdog Math can significantly impact and improve students’ mathematical fluency, giving them the skills they need to progress confidently through the curriculum.

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Strategies To Improve Math Results With Sumdog

But how exactly do online interactive teaching tools, like Sumdog, boost math results by building fluency?

Sumdog’s adaptive learning technology gives teachers a fresh approach to engage students and uses unique strategies to build confidence.

Here’s how it’s done…

Frequency & Repetition

The secret to building mathematical fluency is to encourage students to repeat content they’ve already mastered. Repetition can dramatically improve knowledge retention and stop new skills from fading with time. 

Repetition is important for building a solid foundation of knowledge but, if done mechanically and without variation, it can be boring and children will quickly switch off.

While many students struggle to remain focused or engaged with traditional teaching methods, EdTech solutions use interactive gameplay to offer an alternative approach.

Sumdog’s educational games have a key difference from most others. With Sumdog, the educational content is distinct from the student’s choice of game. This means that students are free to choose the games they enjoy most; they’ll still get the same questions. This keeps children engaged and motivated to continue learning.

Sumdog’s learning engine adapts to each child. As students work, it adapts questions personally to each individual, progressing them through the curriculum. By using a highly engaging games environment and tailoring learning to each individual student’s ability, even the most disengaged children will be asking to log on and play!

Practice Makes Perfect

Freedom is important to reinforce fluency — it gives students scope to practice in their own time and master content at their own pace. After all, practice makes perfect.

Rather than just mechanical repetition of the same questions, it’s important to vary the activities to develop the child’s understanding.

Sumdog’s questions are arranged in a variety of formats to encourage learners to approach a concept in different ways: if one display/format is unfamiliar, a second, familiar, strategy could be practised to encourage students to make connections.

All students have individual logins, which gives them the complete freedom to practice when and where they want. Playing fun math games at home means the learning doesn’t need to stop when they leave the classroom. 

Positive Feedback

Given that the average primary school teacher in the UK is responsible for 28 students, and the average teacher in the US responsible for 21, providing one-to-one feedback can be extremely challenging.

This is where technology can help. EdTech solutions can automatically mark answers and provide real-time feedback to teachers. Sumdog offers motivational rewards (in the form of coins!) for correct answers and supportive tips if a student makes a mistake.

Positive reinforcement can boost overall attainment by encouraging engagement, building confidence, and improving knowledge retention.

Sumdog Proven to Improve Fluency

Children who practised math using Sumdog for 30 minutes or more a week almost doubled their mathematical fluency when compared to that of non-regular Sumdog users.

The study analysed the results of over 200 children over the course of a school year.

Read the Impact Study

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