So what do kids do on Sumdog?

If you’re new to Sumdog, whether a teacher or a parent, you may be wondering what your kids are actually doing when they log in.

Let’s go through some key elements of the Sumdog experience for learners.

Logging in

When a child logs in, they will see any live tasks that have been set for them by a parent or teacher.

They can click ‘Tasks’ on the left to see any other tasks that have been set, or choose a different activity or subject.

They’ll then answer questions inside one of our fun games.

Tip: children can choose between math, spelling and grammar practice, or choose to work on their math fact fluency.

Choice of games

Our wide choice of games means there’s something for every learner, and they can choose any game to practice any skill, so they will always be engaged.

We’ve designed our games to be really intuitive to kids and we find most can just get on an play unaided.


They’ll answer multiple choice questions in a variety of styles, including 2-step questions in some topics, so they can work on their reasoning.

Personalized Practice

If they choose training mode, they will work on questions personalized to their level.

Tip: we show them their focus skill so they know what they are working on.

Focus on accuracy

Correct answers boost game-play, while incorrect answers slow it down, encouraging kids to concentrate and focus on their accuracy.

We also reward correct answers with virtual coins.

Regular feedback

After each game we show children their corrections so they know what to work on, and encourage them to take a little time to consider the answers, rather than rushing through the games.

Virtual Rewards

We reward accuracy and effort with virtual coins. We give them 200 extra coins when they complete 20 minutes of practice in a week.

Tip: coins can’t be bought, they can only be earned.

Spending coins

Children can spend their coins decorating their house and dressing their avatar. This keeps them motivated and lets them explore their creativity.

Tip: to ensure children focus on practice, the house is closed by default during school hours but can be opened by teachers as a reward. It’s always open outside of school hours.

Drive engagement

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