Personalized math & spelling practice that students love.

Engage your students with adaptive learning and multi-player games. Aligned to all key standards for K-8, Sumdog is proven to accelerate growth.

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Consolidate your teaching

Measure individual student progress in both math and ELA with our learning engine that tracks progress against the Common Core and other standards.

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Build student confidence

Encourage students to practice at their own pace with a choice of engaging games, and questions that adapt to each individual.

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Find and fill gaps in learning

Use our auto-marked assessments to test how pupils are progressing, and free your time to focus on teaching.

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Build fluency with Sumdog Tables

Reinforce learning with regular practice

Tables fluency is an essential step towards becoming a confident learner. Sumdog Tables provides a new way for learners to practice their multiplication tables whilst also having fun! In our mission to close the achievement gap, we have made Sumdog Tables free for everyone.

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Boost literacy through spelling

Add variety to spelling practice with engaging games

Sumdog Spelling helps struggling learners improve their literacy proficiency by engaging them and inspiring them to practice with online gamified learning. A fast, easy way to provide personalized practice for each of your students, let Sumdog choose words for each child, or create your own custom word lists in a few clicks.

Engage your class in spelling

Beth Stiles

One little fellow I have is so excited. He is getting to play the same games others are playing. However, he is being successful and having a much higher accuracy rate than he has seen all year with any assessment. I can not stress enough the motivation Sumdog provides – this is its strongest asset compared to other programs.

5th Grade Teacher, Mason-Dixon Elementary, WV

Allison Renner

I was able to differentiate through the skills-based challenges and assign different ones to students who struggle with prior skills that we have covered in class. This has allowed them a different avenue to continue their learning through practice and engagement. Students were able to build on these skills at school but also at home through a fun and safe site that parents can trust.

Canaan Middle School, OH