Welcome to Sumdog

At Sumdog, we want to help every child enjoy mathematics and spelling. Our online learning service is used by millions of children worldwide. It adapts to each individual, using engaging game-based learning to motivate and build confidence.

Meanwhile, our learning engine reports progress to their teachers and parents, and frees educators to target their interventions. Sumdog provides engaging learning and practice in numeracy for children aged 5-14, and literacy for children aged 5-11.

Andrew Hall, Sumdog CEO

Sumdog's mission is to close the attainment gap - by helping every child reach their full potential.

Closing the gap

Governments around the world recognize the achievement gap as a serious problem. We believe that every child has the potential to achieve, but some are more confident than others. We’ve designed Sumdog to engage all students – especially those who haven’t found learning easy. Our adaptive learning engine targets questions to each individual, letting everyone find success. While they work, Sumdog’s educator tools identify areas for their teachers to address, and reports on progress.

Adaptive mastery learning

Sumdog helps teachers to deliver mastery learning. Our learning engine progresses students automatically through the standards. While the class works, detailed reports help teachers pinpoint the areas they should address. By motivating students, we build them into confident learners, and help make sure there are no gaps in their learning.