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Back to school

Make the start of the new school year easier by getting some of that admin out of the way now, and find out how to get the new year off to a flying start.

Get started

Getting Started

Guides to get started engaging your students with Sumdog and tracking their progress.


Setting up your account is as easy as 1,2,3. Follow our ‘how to’ guides to get started.

Welcome to Sumdog! Now you’ve signed up, follow these simple steps to get started using Sumdog with your class.

When your students first use Sumdog they will automatically take a diagnostic test to place them at the right level. This guide will help ensure you get the correct results.

Engaging Parents

Sumdog can be used on any device, at home as well as in school, which makes it ideal for homework. It also gives parents and guardians an opportunity to engage in their child’s learning, and they can even sign up for free parent accounts to keep in touch with their child’s activity.

This leaflet explains everything parents need to know about Sumdog. Send it home to help parents engage with their child’s learning.

Get our 5 tops tips for using Sumdog to support positive and productive parent-teacher meetings.

If you want to host an information session for parents and guardians to learn about Sumdog, post this poster in your school to invite them.

If you’re hosting a parent information session, you can use this PowerPoint presentation to demonstrate how and why to use Sumdog with their child.

Teaching with Sumdog

Discover ways to fit Sumdog into your classroom, from consolidating skills to preparing for standardized testing.

Find out how to practice, assess and target the tables with Sumdog, in a fun yet effective environment.

Your students love Sumdog. Here’s how you can use that engagement for targeted and effective interventions.

Sumdog provides an ideal way for students to practice for standardized tests in a fun environment.

Use Sumdog’s powerful reports to boost your students’ confidence and track the impact of their hard work.

Experienced teacher Andy Parker-Bruce shows how he incorporates Sumdog into his teaching to ensure his students are on track.

Sumdog can fit into your everyday teaching using mastery learning principles and automatically differentiated practice.

Your students can log into Sumdog from any device. Set homework that they will be excited to do, and that you don’t have to mark!

Get our tips on using Sumdog to beat the summer slide and stop learning loss over the long break.


Watch our ‘How to’ videos and read our top tips on how to set math practice.

Setting math practice

Setting any practice for your class, you can easily differentiate for groups or individuals. Watch our short video tutorial to show you how you can personalize the practice on any math topic.

Setting multiplication practice

Find out how to quickly set focused practice on multiplication tables with Sumdog. Perfect for building multiplication fluency or setting up some quick mental math practice.

Setting a math assessment

Math assessments are a great way to informally check up on the learning. With even more coins available, students are going to love to be able to show you what they know.

Spelling & Grammar

Sumdog is more than math. Sumdog Spelling is designed to boost achievement and confidence in spelling with regular engaging practice. Here are some fun exercises and facts for your class.

Just starting out with Sumdog Spelling? Download our checklist to walk you through the first couple of weeks practising with your class.

We’ve rounded up some of the weirdest facts about spelling and the English language. Share them with your class, and get them involved with some handy questions.

Set your practice and assessments up in advance, and track them with our handy downloadable planner.

Uh oh! Looks like someone in the office has relied on their spell-check when sending this letter to parents. Can your students spot all the wrong words?

Fun and Rewards

Celebrate contests and achievements with our printables!

Have your students answered lots of questions, had top accuracy or completed all their Sumdog homework? Reward them with this printable certificate.

Track your students effort and progress on Sumdog with this printable classroom poster! You could track accuracy, questions, homework or anything else!

Taking part in one of our free contests? Print this poster and put it on your noticeboard to encourage students and colleagues to join in the fun!

Do you want to showcase all your pupils’ hard work on Sumdog?

Download and print and resources to create a classroom display!

Closing the achievement gap

Sumdog’s mission is to close the achievement gap and help all children reach their full potential.

Your guide to how Sumdog can be used by Title I schools. Get buy-in from your colleagues or principal.

Get our top tips on how to use Sumdog to reach students who need extra help and support.