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Sumdog’s free online math contests are a fun way to motivate your students as they compete against other classes and schools, locally or nationally. Scores are based on accuracy, and questions adapt to each student’s level – so everyone has a fair chance.



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How it works

To take part in a Sumdog contest, your students select the contest task and simply play Sumdog’s online maths games, any time during the contest week. Boost children’s confidence and skills with personalized math questions!

Free to enter

A free way to engage your students in math and encourage friendly competition. It only takes a couple of minutes to sign up and you can continue using Sumdog for free even when the contest has ended!

Fair and adaptive

Sumdog’s questions are based on accuracy and are tailored to each student’s level – so everyone has a fair chance of winning.

Fun and engaging

During the contest week, students simply answer math questions while playing Sumdog’s super fun online activities – they can even do it as homework.

Prizes to be won

You can win prizes, as well as certificates of achievement for your students.

Get Involved

Download our Sumdog printables to celebrate student achievements and notify parents about your next contest!

Download and print your very own class leaderboard, watching students excitement as they progress through the contest.

Print this poster and put it on your noticeboard to encourage students and colleagues to join in the fun!

Want to reward your students for their hard work during the contest? Download and hand out these printable certificates.

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Amy Carlin, Teacher, Chipperfield Elementary School, PA

I have been very impressed by the teamwork, dedication, and spirit that the kids showed while playing in the Sumdog contest. While in school, they encouraged each other, played together, and showed excellent sportsmanship. I have also been amazed by how much they were playing at home as well.