Home Learning for Parents

Sumdog is an online maths and spelling practice tool that can be used to support home learning during school closures.

You can use Sumdog to:

  • Consolidate and revise key skills already taught in school
  • Reduce isolation as children can play alongside their classmates in a secure environment
  • Help children stay engaged and motivated with games-based learning that rewards accuracy


Accessing Sumdog as a Parent

We understand that you want to support your child through this unusual time and we’re here to help. You have a number of options, depending on whether your child’s school has a Sumdog account or not.

My child already has a school account

You simply need to create a parent account and then link to your child’s school account. This ensures your child only needs one login and all progress will be consolidated and saved in the one account.

You will be able to play alongside your child and see what they are working on.

If you want to be able to set work and see their progress, you will need a family subscription.

Tip: For data security reasons, we are unable to share login details. Please contact the school directly and ask for these to be supplied.

My child doesn’t have a school account

Don’t worry, they can still access Sumdog! You will first need to create a parent account.

You can create a free account where children can access 6 games and will be rewarded for their accuracy. Or you can purchase a family subscription. A subscription includes 27 games and you are able to set work, see progress and target specific skills.

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If you’re new to Sumdog and not sure what’s involved, check out our

Introduction to Sumdog for parents

Never used Sumdog before? Here are the key things you need to know.

Understand a little more about how Sumdog works, and how your child's school may be using it to continue their education during a closure.

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