Introducing: Multiplication Table Challenges!

We believe that tables fluency can be an essential step towards both confidence and ability. In our mission to close the achievement gap, we are making these tables tools free to all Sumdog users.

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Quick to set up

Simply use the selector on the left to choose which tables you would like your class to focus on, and when you want them to practice.

Your students will then focus on these tables while playing their favorite[/country/][country countries="US,CA" show="f"]favourite Sumdog games.

Check out our video to see how easy it is!

Why not try:

There are lots of ways you can teach the tables with your class. Our new tool is designed to complement your teaching.

Regular practice can really help build multiplication fact fluency.

Why not try:

  • Set a short burst of practice at the start or end of each day;
  • Use it as a quick refresher before teaching a topic that relies on tables;
  • Consolidate a table you have just taught;
  • Set homework, or classwork for your rotations;

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Focus and differentiate

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