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Assessment and intervention powered by maths games

A fun way to present mathematics...

Those children who went on Sumdog on a regular basis have made more progress than those who didn't.

J Smith, King David Primary School, Liverpool

How Sumdog works

Identify gaps

Games motivate pupils

As children play, Sumdog checks their progress against the curriculum.

Traffic lights show completed skills while the hard skills report shows where they struggle.

Target interventions

Set focused activities

Use Sumdog to identify your target pupils.

Set challenges and focus skills for individuals or groups – at school or at home.

See results

Fun turns to progress

Rich data feeds back each child’s abilities and levels, while Sumdog automatically personalises practice for each pupil to keep them on track.

Sumdog at Shinewater Primary

Shinewater Primary purchased Sumdog in February 2018.

Clare Wake, Year 3 teacher, Shinewater Primary

"I've found the data particularly helpful."

"Before, I found it tricky to see whole class gaps. I know what a particular child struggles with, but now I'm able to look at Sumdog and see that a number of children have struggled in a particular area."

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Here’s what you get…

With a subscription, you’ll get our complete toolkit to engage and deliver in mathematics.

Curriculum skills

Aligned to the National Curriculum, CfE, Welsh LNF and Northern Irish curriculum.

Set homework

Set focused activities for individuals or groups: intervention made simple.


All our engaging games – designed to motivate every type of learner.


Sumdog’s adaptive engine personalises questions for each child’s level.

Auto assessments

Target focus skills to check for individual and class gaps – while we do the marking for you.

Check results

See effort, accuracy and progress updated in real time through your dashboard.

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