How Sumdog engages your kids while helping them learn

Who says learning can’t be fun? Sumdog combines interactive games with topics from your child’s school standards, in a way that’s so fun kids barely notice they are practising math or English skills while they play!

So how does it work?

Entertaining every child

Sumdog has a range of different games, so every child will find something they enjoy. And unlike most other educational game platforms, what they practice is independent of the game they play. They’re not stuck with ‘the math game’ or ‘the spelling game’.

They always get to choose, so they can always choose their favourites – which keeps them motivated and stops them getting bored

Levelling the playing field

Whatever a child’s age or ability, they can play with their friends or siblings. Sumdog gets to know each child, and adapts to ask them their own set of questions at the right level – not so easy that they get bored, and not so hard that they get discouraged.

This means all children can play together, which helps build their confidence. Imagine how excited your seven year old will be when they can keep up with, or even beat, their older brother or sister!

Rewarding effort and engagement

It’s not just the fun games that kids love about Sumdog, we also have a built-in rewards system that keeps them motivated. We reward them with coins for correct answers, encouraging them to take their time and think about the answer, rather than rushing through the games.

They can’t buy rewards, they have to earn them. They can then using them decorating their virtual house and dressing their avatar.

Creating safe interactions

Sumdog gives children an opportunity to connect with their friends and classmates, playing together and gifting each other coins and house items. They can even battle against other children around the world in our multiplayer games.

But we take online safety very seriously at Sumdog. There is no way for children to message each other, and we never show children’s full names or school names so they are kept anonymous while playing online.

Get a free parent account

With a parent account you can follow your child’s activity, and even play along with them! If your child uses Sumdog at school, you can link their login to your parent account so all their activity and rewards are kept in one place.

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