What the teachers say

We’ve received some fantastic feedback from teachers, parents and districts using Sumdog around the world.


Tennyson Road Primary in Luton is the lead school of a new Multi Academy Trust, the Tennyson Learning Community. We spoke with their Director of Academy Effectiveness, Jo Quince, about how Sumdog has become an integral part of their maths practice.

This is a great educational game

This program targets several objectives at one time. My ELD students are the ones that are befitting from it the most, they are spelling, listening and writing all in one game. This is a great educational game.

Noemi Escalante, Teacher, Clawson Elementary School, AZ, USA

Sumdog is such an enormous stimulus for my P.7 class in mathematics.

Children who struggle to submit maths homework at the end of the week take great pleasure in competing online with their friends and completing Sumdog homework challenges in exchange for coins and rewards.

As a teacher it is great to see my pupils so engaged with this area of the curriculum, often logging on in the mornings before they even arrive at school! Children’s feedback is instant and instructional, demonstrating how to correctly answer questions the next time that they are faced with them.

The sheer number of maths questions completed by my pupils on Sumdog in a short period of time allows them to focus on consolidating difficult skills within larger topics; with easily differentiated assessments and challenges providing me with instant feedback and no jotters to mark!

I have noticed in my time using Sumdog, a quickening of pupils’ mental agility in mathematics and a reinforcement of basic skills like addition, subtraction and times tables.

Lewis Mills, Class Teacher, Broomhill Primary School, UK

He is starting to enjoy Math and his achievement is beginning to show improvement

I have a student who came into Primary 5 with a very low scoring math ability. He could orally answer questions but needed a lot of prompting to do so. I used Sumdog as a tool in conjunction with other methods to raise his confidence and foster independence in his math ability.

Because of Sumdog’s link with home he has been able to practice on his mum’s phone and is starting to enjoy math and his achievement is beginning to show improvement.

He can now be motivated to complete classroom math activities in his jotter as “practice” for the Sumdog games. I hope that in future testing he will feel happier using online tests as he uses Sumdog and that this will create a true reflection of his math ability.

Mark Clayson, Teacher, Heathryburn School, UK

It has been their favorite math activity this week.

The children in my class have thoroughly enjoyed playing the games on Sumdog. They especially like playing against each other.

They have been asking every day as soon as they come into the class if they can do Sumdog. It has been their favorite math activity this week.

As a treat for doing so well in the contest the children in my class elected to play Sumdog rather than extra play!

They even played Sumdog today for Friday Funtime – they love it!

Karen Cassells, Class Teacher, Barsail Primary School, UK

The contests give it another level of learning.

Sumdog is amazing!!! All the students love playing the interactive games and more so when they can compete against each other!

The contests give it another level of learning. Students want to do well. They want to get questions correct, to up the class average.

They ask for help, they learn so they can get the question correct next time they come around.

I am a high school teacher and use it to promote numeracy within my lessons.

Due to the tight timescales of courses, I often set Sumdog as homework and students really enjoy and engage in it.

Lynne McClelland, Class Teacher, Airdrie Academy, UK

Sumdog appeals to all types of students and results in real learning.

I wanted to let you know how truly impressed I am with the Sumdog product. I have never seen any program that has inspired students so thoroughly as does Sumdog.

I’ve been a classroom teacher for 13 years and have seen my share of software programs designed to entice students into learning and practising skills in math and reading.

After the first day of using the program, I knew it was an instant hit. The next day my students  were eagerly asking, well, begging really, to use the program again. I love the amount of leverage I get by dangling Sumdog time over their heads! I can get kids to do just about anything with the promise of “opening the house” for five minutes. Whoever thought of that component is a genius!

I am so impressed with the way the creators of Sumdog have figured out what “wows” kids. I hope you and your team realize how truly powerful it is to create something that appeals to all types of students and results in real learning. I am very, very grateful that I have found Sumdog and with the addition and amplification of the Virginia SOLs, I plan to use the program consistently as part of my daily teaching routine.

Sherri Oliver, Teacher, Mount Vernon Community School, VA, USA

What a positive impact Sumdog has had on my class!

I think it’s important that you know what a positive impact Sumdog has had on my class.

The last two days that we have been working on the contest, they have come together as a family and I thank you for that!

I have also gotten positive feedback from parents about how excited their kids have been to be playing Sumdog – that is so awesome!

Yesterday, I was very impressed by the teamwork, dedication, and spirit that the kids showed while playing in the Sumdog contest.

While in school, they encouraged each other, played together, and showed excellent sportsmanship (I even heard some kids congratulating other kids when they passed them in the contest standings!!!)

I checked the contest last night and was amazed by how much they were playing at home as well.


Amy Carlin, Teacher, Chipperfield Elementary School, PA, USA

The correlations of questions to our actual standards are excellent.

Yesterday, a student pointed to the screen and said, “Look, Mrs. Stiles, these are the algebraic expressions we did in math this morning!” You can’t do any better than that!

It is very easy to create individualized Challenges! I kept the topic the same, but placed my students on a grade level that would provide challenge, but not burnout. Some of the students will be enriched with high level questions, and others I gave a more remedial group of questions.

One little fellow I have is so excited. He is getting to play the same games others are playing. However, he is being successful and having a much higher accuracy rate than he has seen all year with any assessment. I can not stress enough the motivation Sumdog provides – this is its strongest asset compared to other programs.

A big plus for teachers is being able to hover over their name on the reports and finding out at a glimpse which skills they are doing at what level.

Beth Stiles, 5th Grade Teacher, Mason-Dixon Elementary, WV, USA

They love the games and are learning so much.

Sumdog was introduced at school in the autumn term, yet my children are still as enthusiastic about using it today as they were nearly 6 months ago.

They love the games and are learning so much, without realising it.

Not only is it noticeable that they are doing better with their school work and their homework, but also they are picking up newly introduced topics quicker and that gives them more confidence in their abilities.

I have just subscribed the boys to a family membership and linked them with their school accounts (which was really easy!!).

Cathy Frankland, Parent, UK

Students who usually struggle with math become motivated.

I signed my class up for the Madison County challenge and they absolutely loved it!

Not only were they excited to see our class name move up in ranks competing against other schools, but the leaderboard allowed individual students to set goals and see their name on the top 10 board! I specifically had students who usually struggle with math become motivated to participate due to the competition.

I was also able to differentiate through the skills-based challenges and assign different ones to students who struggle with prior skills that we have covered in class. This has allowed them a different avenue to continue their learning through practice and engagement.

Students were able to build on these skills at school but also at home through a fun and safe site that parents can trust.

Allison Renner, Canaan Middle School, OH, USA

Sumdog provides a reliable and consistent way to gather data.

For many years, Sumdog has provided a reliable and consistent way to gather data on my students’ skills in order to inform my instruction.

I also love to use Sumdog to set classroom challenges, which allow for the students to compete against each other. They enjoy earning rewards for their accomplishments outside of our learning time together. Finally, I have found no better customer service than that which Sumdog provides. I have an established relationships with my representative who keeps in touch and solicits feedback regularly.

Manessa Green, Ronald E. McNair Elementary School, NC, USA

They engage with Sumdog so, so well.

My kids are loving Sumdog.

I have a bottom set Year 10 (14 and 15 year olds), a class full of students with behaviour, social and learning difficulties who cause so many problems around the school, lack academic motivation and are disinterested in school life, but they engage with Sumdog so, so well.

I really believe what you guys have created is one of the best mathematics resources ever! And what these types of students gain from it is invaluable, so I thank the Sumdog team for that!!

Emma Bishop, Ysgol Bryn Elian, UK

Each student had greater success. I was able to assess, reteach, reassess, and then move on to the next skill.

I love the assessment option in Sumdog!

After teaching multiplying by 2, 5, and 10 the day before, I was able to give my students a quick quiz over just those facts.

I easily accessed the results and could clearly see that five students were struggling using the strategies I had taught.

While my other students worked on the progress hub, I was able to call those five over to my table and reteach the skills. After only a few minutes, I was able to reassign the same quiz.

Each student had greater success. I was able to assess, reteach, reassess, and then move on to the next skill. Thank you Sumdog for helping me be a more effective teacher!

T. Riggle, Metro North Elementary, IN, USA

I started using Sumdog mid-year and have seen tremendous growth.

I never thought an online program could do so much in such short bursts of time. It truly allows the growth mindset of my room to flourish.

I started using Sumdog mid-year and have seen tremendous growth. We use it 15 minutes daily in both Math and Reading.

I have measured their progress on a bimonthly basis of math facts and application problems.

Our average in the year is .4 points a week in math. When I added Sumdog our growth doubled to 1 a week.

In reading, our average growth rate on comprehension is .33 a point. We are now gaining 2 points a week.

Worth every dollar.

D. Hendershot, West Elementary, KS, USA

A reasonably priced product with guaranteed results.

Sumdog is a great program, it allows students to work on their level of ability while I monitor them as they work.

I can create activities which are standards-based and I am able to generate reports to assess my student’s strengths and weaknesses. The students love the competitions among their classmates and have fun while they learn math facts.

Sumdog provides a reasonably priced product with guaranteed results. And to top it all off…the support is great!

D. Smith, Hackett School District, AR, USA

My class showed more than 20% growth.

Students have enjoyed practising reading (language) on Sumdog and it corresponds wonderfully with our Discovery data.

On the last test (May) after practising using Sumdog, 63% students in my class scored either advanced or proficient. The first time (Dec) the students scored 55% proficient with no advanced scores. The other class that did not use the program scored 43% proficient and advanced where my class showed more than a 20% growth.

Ms. Lovel, Chee Dodge Elementary School, NM, USA

He had answered nearly 4,000 questions and his accuracy rate had skyrocketed to 78%!

We have a student who was really struggling with math and his achievement was well below grade level. I set him up with a Sumdog account and encouraged his parents to allow him to use it at home.

The first night he answered more than 900 questions with a 50% accuracy rate. The next week, his accuracy rate had improved to 55%. Three weeks later, he had answered nearly 4,000 questions and his accuracy rate had skyrocketed to 78%!

Thank you Sumdog for creating engaging math games that students love to play!

S. Dayton, Mariposa Elementary School, FL, USA

Our teachers and administrators saw the benefit of the program and decided to get school-wide subscriptions.

Campbell Union School District’s overall experience with Sumdog has been very positive.

We began using the free trials and contests last year. Our teachers and administrators saw the benefit of the program and decided to get school-wide subscriptions.

The K-8 teachers in the district have used all of the components of the online math program, especially running reports and monitoring students in real time. Teachers have joined nation wide and local math contests and one class was a national winner! Our teachers especially like being able to get helpful and timely customer service if they have questions or need support.

M. Hulgrave, Campbell Union School District, CA, USA

Children who went on Sumdog on a regular basis have made more progress than those who didn’t.

I’d recommend Sumdog as a fun way to present mathematics to children without them even realising that they are practising their skills!

I thought I’d let you know about one of my Year 4 pupils.

He began the year as a shaky 2B level. He got hooked on Sumdog and it’s really helped him achieve. He’s now a solid 3B level and it’s only his comprehension skills that are holding him back from engaging with problems. He really has made a full level’s progress this year. On purely mental mathematics he’s closer to a 4C. He’s even discussed with me how he figured out square roots!

It’s also fair to say that those children who went on Sumdog on a regular basis have made more progress than those who didn’t.

J. Smith, King David Primary School, Liverpool, UK

The results were amazing! 88% of the students got 70% or above. The class average was 86%!!

The program that worked was Sumdog.

My students had a forty-five minute lab period twice a week. They competed with each other enthusiastically. I gave 100 math facts 0-12 timed at five minutes on January 31. Only 40% of the students got 70% or above. The class average was 65%.

May 16 I again gave them 100 facts 1-12 but only three minutes. The results were amazing! 88% of the students got 70% or above. The class average was 86%!!

V. Sabelli, John Winthrop Elem, CT, USA

By far the best results we have ever had.

We have just got our Maths Sat back and have remarkable results.

76% of the children achieved level 5 and 100% level 4. Our lowest mark is 67% which is a 4a – this is remarkable when 2 of the children were low level 3c at the start of the year and on the special needs register (one in particular was inspired by Sumdog and showed never before seen skills).

This is by far the best results we have ever had and the first time we have had 100% in Mathematics for many years.

J. Moorhouse, St Saviour CE School, Manchester, UK