5 ways to use reports to boost confidence and show impact

Sumdog is much more than just fun games that your students love.

While they play, we capture all kinds of data about their abilities, their gaps and their progress against the standards. You can use this data to track your students activities and progress and improve their learning experience.

Below are our top 5 ways to use reports to boost their confidence and show their progress towards meeting academic goals:

1. Fluency first

We’ve looked recently at the importance of multiplication tables and fluency.

As well as using Sumdog to set focused practice on the tables, you can track the impact of practice by downloading the heatmap results each week and following their improvements.

2. Accuracy matters

We know that because Sumdog is so fun, sometimes kids get a bit excited and rush their questions hoping to get more game time. But on Sumdog, accuracy matters most and we only award coins for correct answers.

To help ensure they are taking their time and focusing on correct answers, set your dashboard to accuracy and project it on your smartboard.

Not only does this help your students focus, but because everyone is working at their own level, this can provide a huge confidence boost to those that traditionally struggle.

They might still be working on addition and subtraction, but if they’re focusing on their accuracy they could see themselves ahead of their peers who may be working on harder skills like fractions. All they will see is their accuracy, not what their peers are working on.

3. Gather the evidence

When you’re pulling together reports on how much your students have achieved this year, you can use Sumdog’s individual proficiency reports alongside your other evidence. This report shows standards-aligned skills that the student has mastered. Their accuracy and speed scores indicate their confidence and fluency in the skill.

To find this report, click on a student’s name on your dashboard, then choose Proficiency Report. This report requires a subscription.

4. Hard skills aren’t impossible

As students work through the standards on Sumdog, if they repeatedly struggle with a particular skill we’ll mark it as a “hard skill” and skip it for a while until they master something else, to prevent them feeling disheartened and losing confidence.

Their hard skills report shows you which skills they are struggling with so you can give them extra support, but also shows you which they’ve now overcome. Share it with them to keep motivated.

To find this report, click on a student’s name on your dashboard, then choose Hard Skills Report. This report requires a subscription.

5. Any time can be Sumdog time

Your Time on Sumdog report shows you how much time your students have spent on practice, not just in class but also in their own time.

Use this to track whether students are completing any Sumdog homework you set and reward their hard work.

If you can see some students aren’t managing to practice at home, and perhaps don’t have access to devices, you could give them extra opportunities with a lunchtime or after school club.

You can see an overview of this report with a free account. You’ll need a subscription to see the full report.

Bonus – engaging parents

Have you thought about using Sumdog to show efforts and impact to parents? Check out our top tips for using Sumdog for positive and productive parent-teacher meetings.

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