Supporting learning with educational games for kids

Our goal is to support educational attainment with learning games that kids and teachers love. We’ve designed a range of educational games across math, spelling, and grammar that keep kids engaged, while providing support to you as teacher through user-friendly reporting and targeted intervention tools.

Sumdog is designed to align with the Common Core and key state standards, adapting to the unique needs of each student to provide a personalized learning experience at home or at school.

Sumdog unlocks more time for teachers to teach, while keeping motivation levels high as children enjoy playing fantastic games that can support real educational progress.

Our educational games are designed to ensure a personalized experience that can be enjoyed regardless of the games option that children choose. That means learning isn’t tied directly to a game, providing an adaptive process that keeps kids engaged with spelling practice, whichever games they choose to play.

Sumdog Math

Our adaptive learning engine provides personalized math practice for students K-8. Sumdog Math analyses a student’s individual level of learning, evolving the learning process to ensure the challenge progresses in parallel with their abilities. Our highly encouraging games environment offers the perfect platform to engage students in a way that promotes a positive learning experience.

We’ve developed Sumdog to provide an entirely inclusive educational opportunity that is accessible for children of all abilities, while enabling teachers to set challenges and tasks to ensure learning aligns with their own classroom needs. That includes read-aloud questions for younger students, those struggling with literacy, or English-as-second-language students. Students’ goals adapt along with their learning process, providing a truly personalized experience as part of a constantly evolving learning pathway.


Sumdog Spelling

Sumdog Spelling was designed in close partnership with teachers to help build the right foundations for literacy in the classroom, by adding more variety to practice. Our platform is designed to align with key curricula, offering practice across 4,700 words, including 100% of the Fry and Dolch sight word lists. Teachers can even create custom word lists to focus students’ learning in line with their own lesson plans.


Sumdog Tables

Sumdog Tables are free for all to play, offering teachers a valuable learning support tool that reinforces student understanding and helps support educational attainment. Target individual tables with practice that takes a few clicks to set up, and track ability at a glance, helping every student develop essential tables fluency.


Sumdog Grammar

Sumdog Grammar provides engaging vocabulary and grammar practice for students aged 5-14. We know that grammar is an essential building block to literacy and language fluency, making it a vital part of supporting your students to better educational attainment in the classroom.

Students can enjoy all the great games on Sumdog they love, with engaging grammar and vocabulary questions that support improved literacy. Teachers can use reporting to identify gaps, then set personalized assessments and challenges which target improvement in focused areas, all supported by our adaptive learning engine.


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